Friday, December 30, 2011

Put a little gravel in my travel

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that my hubby is an avid off-roader. {is that such a word?}  The place we used to go all the time is now closed. We don't really have any where close to home to ride. We travel several hours from home to go to off-road parks. The park we visited recently was in Harlan, Kentucky, called Black Mountain Off Road Adventure Area.


They have 150 miles of trails spread out on 8,000 acres! Each trail has it's own unique name, too! It is open to ATVs, side-by-sides, dirt bikes, jeeps, buggies, etc. We went with a few people and had a great time. The weather turned out great. It was a little chilly, but tolerable.

We got up early in the morning to get the day started! While the Hubs was making sure we had everything we needed, Zane played on the trailer with his monster trucks. Oh! Hey there pretty Bogs!


The first trail we did was called "Rail Bed". It wasn't too hard. The rhino that was with us had more of a challenge since he doesn't have as much ground clearance was the jeep does.
Z and I took the opportunity to snap a few poses too!

Later in the morning we caught up with some of the other people that were in our group. We broke an axle already and it wasn't even close to noon! Oh well, fix it and move on! Thank goodness for spare parts and trail friends who help out to make the repair a quick one!

Since the morning started out rough, we decided not to get too rough in our off-roading since these guys that we were with were all over the place. What I mean by that is no one stayed together. Normally when we off-road with a group we travel the trails and obstacles as a group too. I guess everyone is different. Zane kept saying he was hungry WAY before lunchtime and he grabbed the food container and took it upon himself to make a sandwich. The whole day he acted like we starved him but he continued to eat the entire trip! Mountainous regions must bring on hunger! Yeah right!  The views at this ORV park were fabulous! There were lots of look outs and giant mud puddles! I can't resist them when we off-road! We splished and splashed in them when we get the chance! Once we reached the top of Black Mountain, we ended up cutting a tire. DANG! Luckily the Hubby carries a CO2 tank and could fill it up so that we could get back to our rental house to change the tire.
We ended up losing all pressure in the tire coming out of the trails and had to park the jeep at the trail head.

Zane and I played on the playground that wasn't far from where we parked the jeep. The hubby started walking towards our rental house which was about a mile or so from where we were. I was glad I booked a house close to the trails! Someone picked up the hubs and took him to the house so that he wouldn't have to walk the whole way! Thank you nice man! He came back and put the jeep on the trailer and we played a bit more on the playground. Z loved this playground! The ship and seesaw was his favorites! After playing we went back to the rental house and relaxed. We didn't risk going back out on the trails. Too many things kept happening. So we went into town and ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant. The next day we drove home and the hubby has now repaired the jeep and ready to play again! 

Overall, it was a great trip! I'm glad we didn't do a lot of hardcore off-roading. It was nice to take in the scenery around us. God created beautiful places for us to see and I love visiting them!

Do you ever put a little gravel in your travel?
Tell me about it!Photobucket

Christmas 2011 and preparing for the New Year 2012!

This time of year is crazy for all of us. We all had family parties to attend, friends to visit with, and exchange a gift or two. Our festivities started Christmas eve night at my parents house. We had family from both sides visited. We ate a fabulous pot luck dinner and had great fellowship! There were over 30 people in my parents house! Good thing they renovated last year and made the living room bigger! The bummer here is I forgot my camera! All of our family was together and I didn't take a single picture! SMH! I did enjoy not running around trying to get people to pose and stuff. I just enjoyed the moment and time spend with my family.

Christmas morning we woke Zane up, along with my SIL and her hubby and my MIL. Zane was excited that Santa had come, but was sad that Eddie the Elf went back to the North Pole with him.

This is Eddie the Elf when the toys decided to take him hostage! ;)

Santa left foot prints out of the chimney and ate all the cookies!
He also left behind gifts! What joy it was too see my little boy open his gifts! The best part was how excited he got with each one! Expressions like "Wow!", "Holy Moly!", and "Oh my Gosh!" were among many that he used Christmas morning! Sweet. Joy. Pure. Sweet. Joy.



Christmas day was all fun and that evening we headed over to my Grandparent's house. We had shrimp and grits for dinner with a salad! (per my request too! Thanks Nana!) It was fabulous too by the way! I know your mouth is watering right now thinking about it! Top it of with some cheese and...Slap yo Mama! Thems good eatin' right there! hehe! Anywho, we exchanged more gifts and relaxed!


Who would have thought that the world would end in the millennium? I thought we would at least lose something whack! Guess not! The world still turns 12 years later! I am not starting a list of resolutions, but I am going to commit to change some things. I don't make "to-do" lists because I never complete them. I only make a to-do list when cleaning house or making a list for the hubs! ha! The boys and I are going to the coast for the New Year! For some quality time! Holla!

Where will you be when the ball drops this New Years?
P.S. One day, I will be in Times Square for NYE! All I ask is that my BFF be with me! ;) hint hint Hubby!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's OK Thursday #11

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It's OK...

that my last post before this one is another "It's OK Thursday Post"

that I dream about living in a Motorhome and travel the country with my hubby and lil man!

to be going to the beach for New Year's, we don't really celebrate the night anyways. Not like we used to.

that I haven't did a post about our Christmas. I haven't even uploaded the pictures yet...SMH!

I read all your posts on my new tablet via google reader!

to not have one single decoration out away yet. I'm waiting until the new year! lol

to be investigating new things come the new year. New year, new me?

to wish upon a star!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's OK Thursday #10

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It's OK...

to want to skip out on work early today and yesterday!

to have anxiety about the Sister-in-Law and family staying with us for over a week.

that I want to just lock myself in my bedroom and wrap presents ALL night! Hey, it was fun!

that I want to get drunk Christmas Eve night so I don't have to deal with childish family members that have disowned me for stupid reasons. Yeah, I am contemplating a post about this! Juicy, I know! ;)

that I feel like I haven't got enough for the Hubs, but I always feel that way.

that every year until this year I BEG my hubby to let me have a present early.
Why haven't I this year? Heck, I haven't had time to think about it until now! I've been worried about what I am getting him!

that I am not expecting any gifts, except my hubbys because he always gets me something spectacular!

that I miss my Mommy.
She is working night shifts now, and I just can't Pop up and visit...I mean, I can, but it's not the same. Love ya Daddy! ;)

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Christmas Break

I am going to take a long, well not too long, maybe 7 days or so to spend time with my family. The SIL and her hubby and my sweet nephew came in yesterday. They are staying with us for a while. It's def. hard to get used to having an infant around the house again. Lots of crying, changing diapers, bottle feedings, and more I guess by the time they leave I will be used to it. Isn't that how it always works?
Here is a picture I took of Brayden at Thanksgiving. He is now a good bit bigger than this since he is a little over a month old now! He is so dang cute!

This morning I got Zane ready to see Santa. He will be at the daycare today! Zane was so excited! He asked me to spike his hair into a Mohawk and put his overalls on. Too cute! So since he was making requests, I asked him to pose in front of the tree this morning.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Please Christmas Don't Be Late!

I really love this time of year! Especially now that Zane is getting older, he is more into the whole shebang! He is learning all kinds of Christmas songs and every morning and every afternoon in the car we jam out to our favorite local radio station and sing to the tops of our lungs! I live for moments like these!

Zane loves to sing The Chipmunks Christmas song the most. He will bust out the lyrics in the most random places. Yesterday before leaving daycare he was in the restroom on the "pot" singing as loud a he could! He didn't think anyone was listening but all his teachers and his Moma was listening! I love that booger!

 Zane has been begging me to come stay a day with him at daycare. So I volunteered to go stay this Friday. It shall be interesting because all the little kids and the school kids will be there and it's the daycare Christmas party! Whew I hope I can handle all that! Wish me luck!
without further due....


Friday, December 16, 2011

What is your favorite?

You know you have lots of favorite memories but there are always ones that stand out more than others. Mine are mostly of Christmas when I was a kid. I have memories of snow, family being close together more than ever, and awesome toys from Santa!

I grew up deep in the country, where the town only has a few red lights and everyone knows your business! My family was not and is not wealthy. My parents were mill/plant workers barely getting by. We lived in a 2 bedroom less than 1000 sq. ft. single wide until 1992. (that's another post in it's self.) Yes, my brother and I shared a small room. Well Christmas of 1991, my brother and I both wanted the good ol' Super Nintendo! It was the next big thing because we already had a Atari and beat all the games we had.

Every Christmas my Uncle Mark would come stay the night with us! My brother and I thought he was the coolest! He was a computer technician and would always get us the most unique gifts! And he always wanted to play games with us. So we always anticipated him coming to stay with us! On the night of Christmas Eve '91, we did what we normally do. We went to my Papa Dan's house to eat and exchange gifts. We never got home until late, like 9 or 10 ish. So once we got home our Uncle Mark was there and mom makes us go straight to bed. Dang. So my brother and I had this bright idea to set an alarm on a digital wrist watch for 1am. Once it went off we would wake up and sneak to see what Santa brought us before anyone else knew. I was game! So that is exactly what we did. We quickly fell asleep and it felt like that alarm went off in ten minutes. So we sneak the door open quietly and as soon as we got it open all the way we saw all the lights on in the living room. Then we heard Moma yell "I'm gonna beat you Mark! hahaha!" My brother and I then realized that Moma and Mark had hooked up the Super Nintendo and were playing it! We looked at each other with huge eyes, bugging out like in cartoons and everything! Yep, we're cool like that! With excitement we ran back to our room and jumped in bed. I think Moma and Mark realized we saw them because they made Daddy hang a blanket with tacks over the opening in the hallway so we couldn't peep in anymore. I think this night was when my brother finally realized that Santa wasn't real. Poor Guy. He never said anything about it that night but from then on out he seemed not to care about the Santa part as much. Even though every night even as teenagers we would always say "It's time to go to bed so Santa can come!" The next morning, I mean, later that morning after going back to sleep. We got up and ran as fast a we could to the living room and played our new Super Nintendo! We had a great year that year!

christmas,santa,mooning,merry christmas animation,santa animation,mooning santa animation,funny animation,santa cartoon animation
Haha! I had to share this! I thought it was funny!
What's one of your favorite Christmas Memories?


Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's OK Thursday #9

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It's OK...

...I procrastinate to do my work and read blogs instead!

…be mad at the weather! It’s too warm for it to be 10 days before Christmas!
…that Eddie the Elf was tied up and held hostage by Army men last night in my living room!
…to wish I had the whole week of Christmas off, most of my co-workers do. Bummer.
…to wish that my hubby would freakin’ tell me his wish list! I’ve been asking since November!
…to be pissed that someone has spread rumors about my party we had last weekend. Karma will get you!
…that I have vacuumed my car out in two weeks. It looks N.A.S.T.Y!!
…to drive through the automatic car wash once a week because you like to see your car shine and sparkle! Besides the fact that I am too lazy to wash it myself.
…that I haven’t cooked at home but once this week. SMH

…that I'm glad the hubs hasn't complained about me not cooking!

...that I am counting down the day until Friday at 5pm!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Parties of all Sorts!

 I have either attended or hosted a few parties in the past month. Two of which I can share with you. The other one, hmm, well it got a little R-rated and I have chose not to share too much details about it other than it was LOTS of Adult fun for all who came! hehe

So, to our first sweet party I attended was courtesy of my job! I love my job. I wont disclose much about it other than I am an assistant for a department of a large company. Anywho...On to the PAR-TAY!

It was held at the Duke Mansion in Charlotte, NC. For the two days I was there, I felt like a princess!


The whole place was nothing short of elegant! I the chandeliers! Oh.Em.Gee they were ah.may.zzing!


We ate breakfast and dinner here:
In between all this there were meetings and such that were work related. I will spare you the boring stuff!
Going to breakfast and heading home!
Crappy Phone Picture

It was a fabulous experience! Thanks to job perks! ;)

Now, the next party was in a much different category. I hosted a Holiday Craft Party at my house. It went great but quickly turned to chaos when some didn't show that had RSVP'd. ANYWAYS---

I invited 10 women and here is the invitation they received via email.
(address and phone number blurred out for my own protection) ha!

There were 7 of us total and each of us had enough supplies for 5 people. My lovely mother and I ended up helping other girls out at the beginning because they swore they were not crafty inclined...ha! So out of the 7 crafts I only got to do three and mom did a few too but not all so I don't have seven crafts to show you. Sorry ya'll! But I will share that all of the crafts came from pinterest. I do not have the original places of where these came from so If they are yours please let me know!

Sock Snow "People"
I made mine into a girl but everyone else had hats on theirs. These were easy and a lot of fun.
Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Post-it Note Board & Pen
This consists of scrapbook paper, a clear 5x7 frame, 3x3 post-its, and a clear pen.
You can't see it, but the pen also has coordinating paper inside it.
Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Apothecary Jar
This isn't what I thought it would look like. I am thinking that something smaller should have been used for the bottom, like a candle holder or something. Oh well it still looks neat.

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Memo Board-
This is a cookie sheet spray painted with chalkboard paint! Also adorned with scrapbook paper and ribbon, and hand made magnets. This will be hung in my office!

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

I also served a few snacks and drinks. The party lasted well over 5pm! Most didn't leave until 7pm! We had lots of fun and plan on doing another craft party in the Spring!

Happy Monday Y'all!



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