Thursday, February 28, 2013

Being a Parent: Cuteness Makes Up for It

If you are a Mom, the title of this post makes sense. If you are not, you might not quite get it or maybe you do. There are things that kids do that are down right awful and there are some things that are so funny but bad. Some of those are made up by the cuteness of a child. Still don't get it? Let me help you out.

Zane and I were in Wally World one day and ran into someone we knew. {go figure right?} We were almost done with our shopping and was in the freezer section. We stopped to chat a minute and it turned into like 30 minutes. Well, Zane likes the attention he gets when in public, so he starts racing the person we were talking to down the isle. Well after we got him to settle and not run anymore he walked over to the person we had been talking with and put his butt up to that person's leg, bent over and farted! Yes. Farted! OMG! I was sooo embarrassed! Luckily it was only the hub's cousin and he knows what my kid is like. Then Zane says "Oops! I did it again!" Oh. My. Word. It was in that moment it was so funny, we all couldn't help but laugh! I did tell him that was not nice to do in public and not to do it again, but his cuteness made up for it.

Or what about the time he wrote his name on the wall? Well, I was proud of him for writing his name, but I was pissed he wrote on the wall! Luckily, he wrote it in pencil and looked so sweet as he called me to come look at how good he wrote his name! Once again, his cuteness made up for his mistake. He now knows that he can only write on paper.

This past weekend the weather was beautiful and warm! I even broke out my flip flops! We drove over the Georgia line and played at the 'Broken Bridges'. Of course Zane had to find a way to get in the water. His argument was that it wasn't a muddy kind of water so he wouldn't really get dirty. Yeah riiiiggghhhttt! So I gave in a let him play. Boys will be boys of course. I let him be a boy as much as I can. Playing in puddles being one of them. His cuteness makes up for it! Duh!

So the next time your kid does something bad but it's funny, laugh at them. If they fart in public, try hard not to laugh, but we all know you will! It's hard not to! We know they need discipline, but they need a break too! Just every now and again, not all the time. Their cuteness will make up for it!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


What your blog name is, why you picked it, and what it means to you?

At first, my blog name was "The Life & Wild Times of Annabelle-Carolina Country Girl". What a freakin mouth full! Too much. Too dang much. So I wanted to change it to something simple but try to keep it on the "me" side. I wanted Carolina Country Girl. Of course it was taken by some random that doesn't even blog anymore. So what was a girl to do? OF COURSE! {lightbulb} Stick a 'THE' in front! Duh! That was the day I was donned THE Carolina Country Girl. It's me. Carolina Girl. Country Girl. Perfectly Meshed.

I am a proud Carolina Girl. Please don't get that confused with Gamecocks. I am not a Gamecock fan. Sorry to disappoint a few of you. I like Clemson, but I am not a die hard asshole about it either. I like the Tigers, I show my pride tastefully. Carolina Girl means to me a girl that is proud of where she is from. Whether were on the lake, in the mountains, or at the ocean we always have a good time and love the view!

A Country girl knows her roots and stays true to them. A girl that is all about late summer nights by the fire with a fist full of boiled peanuts in one hand and an ice cold beer in the other! A Country girl has class and a pinch of sass, but doesn't care if she's wearing camo and cut offs or a sundress with boots.

I swear this all just sounded like a country song! Any writers/singers out there? Wanna put it together? Ha! Head on over a link up with Amanda, Amber, & Stephanie and tell us what your blog name is, why you picked it, and what it means to you!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hash It Out #3

*Before you read this, you might want to watch The Bachelor so I don't ruin it for you!
WELL WELL WELL... I just don't know what to say! I'm speechless about what happened on The Bachelor last night!

The three dates were awesome dates! The girls were lucky! My favorite was the one with Lindsay! Feeding monkeys on the beach at sunset with a hunk? Yes! Please! Every moment with those two was really something! When Sean first picked her up to ride in the little moped looking cart they couldn't stop kissing each other. Normally I would say that this was nasty, but they did it in a cute high school kind of way.

I'll try anything once, but eating bugs...I'm not so sure! I'm proud she stepped up to the plate!

AshLee...Oh Ashlee, I think you are just a bit much. I mean, I like you, you're a nice girl, but I think you come on a bit hard and strong with Sean and that's why you are where you are today. That's all I'm sayin.

I can see why Sean has kept Catherine around. She brings out a different side of him. But he just don't have the chemistry with her like he does with the other two. It's weird watching the two of them. They giggle and laugh and have a good time, but they are hardly ever serious. Besides the fact that even her family doesn't see her settling down anytime soon!
I really am SHOCKED about the rose ceremony! I was pulling for AshLee and Lindsay to be the final two! When Sean sent AshLee home she refused to have much to say. I don't blame her one bit! Sean dragged her along thinking she had nothing to worry about. While she was riding in the limo, she would turn her face to hide her ugly cry. Smart girl! I hate seeing ugly cries and all girls get made fun of for it. Stay classy pretty lady! You'll be the next Bachelorette! You just wait and see!

Also, I have a bone to pick with ABC! Those bitches are getting cut off of DirectTv as of March 1st. What the hell? I'm going to have to find somewhere else to watch the 'Girls Tell All' and the Finale? Oh heck no! Y'all best be getting that mess resolved by next week! DirectTv, you already lost a crap ton of customers the last time you pulled this stunt, just because you are money hungry and want more green stuff (and no not the green stuff you find growing in the shed out back).

What did you think about last night?

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The Carolina Country Girl

Monday, February 25, 2013

Contrary to popular opinion, no one owes you anything.

I've had this post written since 10/23/12 but never had the courage to post it until today. If you have an opinion, please be kind! ;)

Warning: This might be a sensitive subject for some. I have no intentions of offending anyone. This is my blog and I tell it how I think it should be! ha!

Nothing irritates me more than someone thinking they are "owed" something or that they "deserve" anything. In today's society most people think this way. To me it's not American. It's sad. I do not think this way at all. I believe in working hard for what I have and earning every ounce of it.

I read this the other day and I said "Amen!" out loud.

Simple. Brutal. Reality.

There are people in this cruel world that are capable of working but choose not to. They choose to be on an entitlement program than to work a minimum wage job. People feel that it's more beneficial. I feel it's laziness. If it takes working two jobs to make ends meet. Do it if you're able. And by "able" I mean you're not disabled. Well, even some disabled still try to work and earn what they have. I see it every day.
For every five people who need welfare, there will always be one abuser. That simply comes with the territory. The bigger issue is that increasingly, this “entitlement disease” is spreading to working citizens. The occupy movement is a group of people who believe they deserve more - more opportunity, more money, more benefits, more whatever. They believe that life isn’t fair.
They are right. It never will be and it never has been.

So do something about it. Work hard. Start a business. Fight until you get what it is that you want out of life. Will everyone get where they want? No. Some people who work harder than you do will never achieve your level of success and some people that work markedly less hard will blow you out of the water. And that will always be true because life isn’t fair, people have different skill sets, and luck plays a huge role in life.

But what I can tell you is that you have to take responsibility for your life or you will become, and remain, a loser. Every success and every failure has to be yours. You can’t blame mom, dad, the stupid president, bad luck, the teacher that hated you, where you grew up, or multinational-piece-of-shit-scumbag-banks. You have to push every single day and carve out of life what it is that you want. You have to go over, under, or blast through obstacles. You have to never quit.


I warned you that this might be a sensitive subject for some. I have no intentions of offending anyone. This is my blog and I tell it how I think it should be! ha! If you have a different opinion let me know! I might agree with you too!

P.S. Head on over to Prairie Princess and tell Nicole hey! I gave her blog a make over! She's sweet as can be and has a big heart for farm and ranch life!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Life Currently

I feel like lately I haven't shared much of myself and what's been going on in my life. I feel really reserved here lately. I haven't done it on purpose, I just don't have a lot of things going on in my life right now. It's sort of laid back, I'm not quite used to it because we are always on the go! I got this idea from Katie, hope she don't mind!

Reading: Blogs that I haven't read in a day or two. Zane was sick the past two days with a virus. I haven't done much of anything that doesn't involve Lysol or gloves.

Watching: The Bachelor, duh! I will be sad when it's over. Wow, I just said that! I also cannot WAIT for Duck Dynasty to come back on. I think Zane is more excited than I am!


Loving: I'm loving helping a friend plan parties for both of her girls! So much fun! A neon/glow party and a spa party! I cannot wait to take pictures! That the ground hog predicted that we will get our spring soon enough! ha! Do you think he's right? So far it's still cold for me.


Looking Forward To: To seeing the Hubs again. Sooner than later, I hope! Going to the beach! I am dying to go like now! If only I could get the time off!

Wondering: My mind wonders all the time. I think about the what-ifs, the might have beens, what could be, and everything in between. Right now, I am wondering what our future holds. I am hoping for something big to happen soon, but I still have no inclination that it will happen. It's just a what-if with fingers crossed. Want some enlightenment on this? Well, I can't share it right now, but if it happened, you bet your ass you WILL know about it!

Cooking/Baking: Since the hubs is not at home for dinner, it is so hard to cook at home. I still do it, but not as much. I go to my parents house a lot to eat dinner. At least twice a week sometimes more. I did cook this amazing one pan meal the other night!


Disliking: that I don't spend a lot of time outside right now. For one, it's still cold out. Two, my knee is finally almost to the 100% mark! Before that, I was scared to be outside and fall! I'm not a klutz but with a dislocated knee balance is not my thing!

Making Me Happy: the Hubs sent me a new lens for my camera for Valentine's day! I got a 50mm! I'm excited to be playing with it. Just gotta get used to it. It's like another world!

Wishing youa FABULOUS DAY and the rest of the week! If you're new around here-please speak up and say hi! :) I'm so happy to have you here!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Have A Confession

I confess that I am in love with the following things:


Well, okay, those are the obvious! I'm not here to state the obvious, because well it's already known. Duh! I've got myself a long list of things that I am just over the moon about or that I feel I just can't live without them in my life. What are they? Well darlin' I was startin to wonder that you'd never ask!


  1. Nutella-dipping everything edible in it
  2. Burly Beards- yep. Duck Dynasty. There is just something about that show I can't get enough of! Zane loves it as much as I do! It's a family oriented, God loving group of people and I will support all the way!
  3. Target- It's a dang good thang that we don't have a local one! The closest is about 30-45 minutes away.
  4. Painting my nails- I do this about once a week! But when it chips, I peel til it's all gone! OCD like if you will.
  5. Vampire Diaries- I haven't missed the first episode yet! The day this goes off the air, I will have it's own funeral. I can watch episodes over and over! My favorite character is Caroline.
  6. Wizard Of Oz- This is something that I've been in love with since I was a little girl. It's my all time favorite movie.
  7. Off Road- My love for 4x4's started when I was a teenager. Growing up my brother and I shared a four wheeler. It was our favorite thing to do. We could ride for miles and miles to other friends houses through the woods! It was great. When I start dating the Hubs he was big into it already but I didn't quite realise how deep his disease went. It's incurable at this point.
  8. Traveling- If I could travel all over with the hubs and my son, that's what I'd do! Sadly enough, we have to work to have money to travel. You can't do both. Well unless your rich and are a lotto winner!
  9. I don't have a green thumb- I cannot keep anything alive. Even the strongest of weeds, I'd probably kill it! Even kudzu. Okay maybe that's an exaggeration.
  10.  Dr. Pepper- It has to be from a fountain. No cans or bottles please. There's something about stopping and getting an ice cold Dr. Pepper to start the say off. Starbucks what? Coffee ew? ha!

What do feel like you are just over the moon about?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hash It Out #2

Good moring my beautiful readers! If you are new, welcome! I'm glad you chose to stick around! Enjoy yourself while you are here and make yourself visible, leave me love notes, *ahem* I mean comment below so I can say hello!
Now that Tierra-ble is gone, what's there to hash out?  
Well with just four girls left what could go wrong? Well shoot, a lot went wrong! 

The first date with AshLee went great! I was suprised! Her parents were sweet as can be! AshLee seems a little bit much {in an overbearing sort of way} sometimes but you can tell that Sean sincerely cares for her.

The second date with Catherine was cute at first. She likes to have fun and Sean likes that she brings out the nerd in him so to speak. I think she doesn't take life seriously. She is a bit immature if you ask me. Sean doesn't need that! Catherine's sisters even said that she wasn't ready to settle down and have kids or anything. Take their advice Sean!

The third date was with Lindsay. I will say, I didn't like her at first. She got on my nerves. I will admit she has grown on me! She and Sean had a very simple date. She fed him cupcakes. We all know they wanted a food fight! Her parents liked Sean and gave their approval.

The fourth date just pissed me off! It was with Des. She has been my number one from the get go. I love her! She and Sean have a strong connection. Her prank to get Sean back from one of their first dates was genius! I think we all thought Sean was about to open a can of whoop ass! Then to top it off Des's brother had to be a stickler. What ass he was! If they knew he was going to be so awful they should not have invited him to dinner. Poor Des lost out because of that. Sean sent her packing and you could tell he thinks he might regret it. But who would want to be in a relationship with a girl and he brother thinks you are a joke? I wouldn't, but that's me.

I cannot wait to see what happens in Thiland with the girls! I think there is still somethings the girls haven't told Sean yet, so let's wait and see! I am anticipating the "Sean Tells All" tonight!

What are you hashing out today?

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The Carolina Country Girl

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

*sings* Oh happy dayyy! Everybody now...Oh HAPPY DAY-AYYY!!!


These are the valentines that Zane and I made for his class! I'm proud to say I came up with this on my own. No Pinterest needed! hollla!
To all of you single ladies out there, fear not, this day can be a great one if you make it that way! Pile up on the couch and watch some of the best movies ever! Like the 10 that my girl Erica from Fashion Meets Food picked out!

I'm kind of bummed that I will not be spending this Valentine's Day with my husband. It's okay, we can handle it! We sent each other gifts! I cannot wait for him to get his! In his package there are 6 days worth of gifts leading up to his birthday on the 19th! My cousin Amy pictures last night of the first gift! (Amy! love ya!)

Honey, I love you but you need to shave! ;) Also, your stance in the second photo resembles Tickle from Moonshiners, stand up straight. Love you bunches!

 photo IMG_1366e.jpg

A while back I ordered myself a new camera strap! I got one from Lori at See Lori Sew on etsy. God bless Esty! I swear that place is amazing! This is a great quality strap, not a strap cover, like a lot of them are. I also ordered it extra long so that I could wear it like a crossbody. I feel when I am not using it and walking it doesn't bounce everywhere when I wear it that way. If you are in the market for a camera strap, check out See Lori Sew! Tell her I sent ya!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jammin Out

Mornin' Y'all! I always listen to the radio on my way to work in the mornings. After I drop Zane off at daycare, I crank it up! This morning, I was pumped up by these two songs!
Enjoy! Have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hash It Out #1- Ding Dong The Witch is Dead

Good morning divas! Let's get right to hashing it all out today! Did any of you watch The Bachelor last night? Damn, it was good! The best yet, IMO!
Great dates, good vibes, & good times! Sweet AshLee finally got a one on one date with Sean. I was happy for her. I believe she is a good catch. Sean opened his own can of worms when he asked AshLee if everything in the house was getting better. If he didn't want to know the truth, he shouldn't have asked. I'm glad that she came out and told him how Tierra really is. You could tell that she wasn't doing it to bash Tierra, she just wanted Sean to know how she was.

When Tierra figured that Ashlee had told Sean some things about her, she was ready to blow her top. But what she really should have been worried about was why Sean was asking her about it. It would have been different if Ashlee would have just came out of the blue to tell him. Well the hits got silly if you ask me! (my thoughts in pink)
"I don't know what planet she just landed off of but in my world Tierra is the problem." AshLee (Yes, Tierra is the problem! She thinks the world revolves around her!)
"The Cougar is back in town" - Tierra (I didn't know that beautiful 32 year olds were considered cougars. I picture creepy wrinkled up old ladies as cougars!)
"I just hope he doesn't fall for the crying and the tears because she is a great manipulator" AshLee (AMEN! AMEN!)
"AshLee is 32 years old. When I'm 32, I want to be married with kids and have my family set. Why hasn't she found somebody who she can settle down with? You're 32 years old." Tierra (I think it is great that AshLee is 32 years old and not married. She has waited to get her life together before going out and getting hitched with the first guy she has relations with! Not everyone wants to be 24 and married Tierra! Some people want to live their lives as an adult before taking the plunge into a life long commitment.)
"She's not going to have any of the girls sympathy because she did this to herself" - AshLee (She pissed all the girls off, that's why she won't get a pity party from them. That's how she sucks people in! Next time Tierra, maybe you shouldn't play this as a game like you're trying to win a million dollars and play with your heart! Wait, what's that? You don't have one? That's what I thought!)
My favorite part is where Tierra told AshLee that she cannot control her eyebrow! Ha! You got that freakin right! Tierra is just out of control period!
After Sean met with his sister, she had the BEST advice and it only took her 5 minutes to tell him! "Don't pick the girl no one likes!" You said it sistah! Right on! Once that hit a trigger in Sean's mind, I knew Tierra-ble was a goner! I'm so glad that he came to his senses. I could tell by the look on his face that he was tired and irritated from dealing with constant crying and moaning.
He sent her packing! Get to steppin hoe!
What did you think about last night's episode?
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The Carolina Country Girl

Monday, February 11, 2013

TERRIBLE TWOS or maybe not so terrible

Happy Monday Y'all!  I find that today is a day of reflection!

Me when I was around 2/3ish!

Lots of things have changed since I was a wee lad! Today to celebrate my 2 year blogiversary we are going to look back at what we did in the last year! I hope you all enjoy!

We spent time at the beach and also met Barney Fife this year!

I saw a dog have a good day and took the boys fishin!

 We attended a few weddings and watched the hubs enjoy blowing bubbles!

Had some pool time with the in-laws and celebrated him building us an awesome set of chairs!

We spent Independance Day playing with friends!

We took a trip out west to Kansas and Colorado! Who knew we'd be back in the winter!

We played in the mud at the mud bog!

The hubs pole danced for you while Z and I rode the Ferris wheel!

I voted for the first time everrr!!

Zane pretended to be a vampire.

The nephew turned one!

I participated in my first 5K and I met some awesome blogger friends!


Went to Kansas in the winter and I left the hubs behind when I left...bittersweet.

In a nutshell, we've been pretty blessed and lucky for the things that have taken place in our lives. I thank GOD everyday! I pray that things continue to go well for us and you!

Here's to another great year in blogland!


P.S. Don't forget that tomorrow is my Hash It Out Link-Up! Get your posts ready to hash it all out y'all! You better participate or I will come get you! I'm so just kidding!

The Carolina Country Girl


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