Thursday, October 24, 2013

Starbucks, a Movie, and Duck Dynasty!

So this hiatus that I am on is still not quite over yet but I am here to keep you in the loop! That is for all of you that have stuck around for the past 24 days! THANK YOU!
Things have been wild for us but I love it! Well what’s first? Hmm… Let’s start with Starbucks. Yall, this is really bad! I have always lived 30 minutes or more from a Starbucks. That’s great because I can get only on special occasions. OH the joys of small town livin. Well our grocery stores here are Ingles and most of them now include a Starbucks inside. BAD BAD BAD idea for this Moma! Now let me remind all of you that I HATE coffee! Yeah I know, it’s a coffee shop! I drink the baby stuff. Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino is my go to drink! In the Fall I get a Caramel Apple Cider with extra caramel. Anyway There is two within ten minutes of me now. I’ve gone at least once a week. Problem is I get a venti. For those of you who don’t know anything about Starbucks, that’s a WHOLE ENTIRE 24 ounces of sinful goodness! That’s bad news for someone whole loves the chocolate and the sweetness. To top it off, if Starbucks happens to be my breakfast I will add a cheese Danish to it. SMH. I’ve got to control myself! Too make things worse, I’ve had my bloodwork done for our wellness program at work and I just know that my doctor is going to tell me today that all I can eat is lettuce and carrots with water for the next year. FML. I’ll let you know how that goes!
The next thing is if you have followed along on instagram, you may have spotted this:
There was a movie being filmed in the city I work in. It's called Elbow Grease. Check them out on Facebook here! They asked for locals to participate as locals. The Heritage Fair was in town and they used that to their advantage! They had people come out during the day to film and they filmed some at night. All the locals were trying so hard to become a ’15 second famer’ (if you know that I mean). The film crew even posted on their Facebook book how to apply to be an extra in the movie. One of the girls I work with got to be an extra in the fair scene and spent all day filming. Well the next day my boss asked if I would be interested in being in it. I said sure! The best part was I got to do it with my best friend! (her hubby is my boss too! Lol) So we were to be a part of the street venders for a street fair. Our tent was for the police department. How fitting since I haven’t told you that I work for the police department now. So there. I said it. I love it too! On to my story, my bff and I had to create a tent in supporting our local police! We had to be at the street they were filming at 6am! Yes, 6am! We also had to plan to be there until the sun went down. It was a looooooooong day, but super fun! We cut up and laughed as much as we could unless told to be quiet on the set! We stayed like 12 hours and we started contemplating to leave because we thought they were done filming on our end of the street. Lucky for us we decided to stay and they used our tent for a scene!  A poop scene at that! They had a dog walk by and 'poop' in front of our tent! Seriously! So there’s my ’15 seconds of fame’! Hopefully they won’t cut that part from the film cause we know all know it will be fabulous! It’s an independent film, but they used Burt Reynolds in it! I never got to see him, but some people at the PD got to!
Halloween is this month, actually in a week. The second weekend of this month we went to a Halloween party. We dressed as the Robertsons from Duck Dynasty! I was Ms. Kay, the hubs was Phil, and Zane was Si. What started all this was Zane asked to be Si for his costume this year so we decided to make it a family deal! I didn't get any good pictures, but I will share with you what I got!
I hope y'all have a safe and fun Halloween! And just so you don't forget what I look like, here:

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


 I love Christmas and I start right after Thanksgiving decorating for it. All the planning and decorating that I can get my tiny head wrapped around! New projects every year. As busy as things are lately, well will see how this year goes!
This year, I've been craving Fall! I've wanted it for a few weeks now. I'm not even exaggerating. It seems like this summer was more rain than sun here in SC and I'm so over it! Ain't no body got time fo dat! So with that said, September is here and I'm ready to start decorating my house for Fall! I've been eyeing so many awesome ideas. It's hard to narrow it down, so I might just mix it up and make it my own! Here are a few inspirations I've found!

I've got a project in mind that I want to include on my mantel this year.
(click image to see the DIY)

dip dyed candlesticks
The only difference is mine will be a different color. I’m thinking of painting them a metallic copper color or black if that doesn’t work out for me. Do you have any suggestions on color for me? It’s been a challenge to find the furniture legs. That’s why I haven’t got around to doing this quite yet. I have started putting my mantel together for fall, but I haven’t perfected it. It is coming right along. Another thing I plan to add is a burlap banner that says ‘FALL’.
Fall is my favorite time of year! It is not too hot out and not too cold either! We are always out and doing something. Well, it really doesn’t matter what time of year it is, we are always doing something. You can’t live life sitting still y’all!
This past weekend we went camping. If you follow me on IG then you already know this! I am not peachy keen on tent camping. I’d rather be in a camper with all the amenities that I need. We stayed at the Lake Rabun campground in Georgia. It was a primitive site. What’s that mean? NO electricity and NO running water. Just the trees, bees, and everything else. It was fine. We were fine. But sleeping on an air mattress for two nights is not my thang! We cooked all of our food on the fire and ate entirely TOO many s’mores! And yes, I did try the ones with Reese’s! It was good when I added a second marshmallow! Double decker if you will! I love PB and Chocolate, but the original is much better! (IMO) Zane also made us lunch! Ham and cheese please! Next time, my tail will be in a camper! I can promise you that! No more dang air mattress for this country girl!

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