Monday, December 23, 2013

It's That Time Y'all!

It's that time, time for joy and time for cheer! It's time for all of us to take a break and spend time with family and friends!
It's time for us to remember the reason for the season.
This year I've taken extra time for Zane to realize the real story behind Christmas. At this age he can finally start to understand. He's noticed the manger scenes and recalled the stories and the scriptures that I've read him. At 5 years old, I'm proud. He knows about the story of baby Jesus and will share it with anyone he meets.
It's time to fill our bellies full of junk! I'm guilty. Junk food is a weakness of mine. Chocolate is ...well it's chocolate and no one can resist! Keep in mind that at the first of the new year you will want to take off some pounds and eating all this junk first is only going to make it harder later. Just keep that in mind. I'm gonna try, but I can't make any promises.
We wish you all lots of joy and happiness through the Christmas Holidays. Remember to be nice to those you really want to growl at. Grin and bear it for one day a year! You never know when it be the last time you see them. Hugs and 'I love you' will go a LONG way!
I will not post again until the new year! Sad face, I know. I just need to refresh my mind and get better ideas for posts in the new year!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'd be Lying if I told you...

If I told you I didn't miss blogging all the time, I'd be lying. I do miss being consistent with it, but not stressing about a post is pretty nice too. I wing it lately.  Talk about winging it, I winged this picture too! ha!
...I had tons of shopping to do. I don't. We're finished and I'm thankful I can relax!
...I didn't like this Christmas card too! It's the one most of y'all picked too! This is what I had printed! Thanks for all your help!
...that I have them all addressed and mailed. SMH
...that our Christmas party was nothing less than shit. It was fun. All 6 people that came! Thanks.
...I didn't like this picture of the Hubs below. Shitter's full!
...that I don't love this girl like the sister I never had! I don't know where I'd be without her! I don't even want to think about that!
...that this would never make my heart feel full! My life is complete with this!
...that this little squirt wasn't the cutest thing ever in her bow sweater! #divadog
...that I like moving this damn elf and trying to come up with ideas to do with him every single night! I hate to tell all mom's out there, I do not move our elf every night! He's lucky to be moved every other night! #EddietheElf
.... that this little boy was as sweet as he looks! He's not. He is 150% boy. That means he is cocky, thinks his poop don't stink, and he can do what he wants. He's mean a a snake and this week he called a kid at daycare an "M-Effer!" (but the actual word) I'm mom of the year right here! Need my autograph? I didn't think so.
...again, this elf.....FML.
...that this joker wasn't living the dream. If you know anything about our family, you know he is spoiled ass rotten! He gets what he wants within reason. He's a Daddy's boy and Momma's baby! Enough said.
...that I don't live the dream too. I've got it made. I work and come home to take care of this munchkin ever dang day. The hubby really takes care of us and keeps us on our feet. Thanks boo!
...I was ready for this dang elf to go. He does keep things interesting around the house.
As this picture overload wasn't enough, enjoy this.....
You're Welcome! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Y'all. Today I am going to participate in a link-up! Whuuuuttt??? I haven't done a link-up in God knows when! This one is with Big Holly and Jake! It's Finish the Sentence... Christmas Edition! Here we go...
1. My favorite Christmas was.... the one where Zane got a swing set from Santa. He was three. We had to convince him to go outside to look and he was not having it! He wanted to stay where it was warm!
 photo 1223111555a.jpg
2. The worst Christmas I had... was when my Grandpa got so drunk that all he wanted to do was jam out to 'The Man in Black" as loud as he could. He has just got his own CD player and that CD from my aunt as a gift. Mind you there are 30 people in a 1200 square foot house. Totally cramped! Anyway, We were trying to play the 'dirty Santa/ Chinese Christmas game'. My grandpa's music was so loud that no one could hear what number we were on. So I finally spoke up and said that he needed to turn it down or go in the other room. That flew ALL over him! We ended up in a cuss fight and I left. My husband ended up saying a few choice words as we walked out. It was NOT pretty!

3. That one gift that made me scratch my head and say, "Hmmmm" was... dear foam slippers from a relative that I'd rather not speak of. He's supposed to be an uncle. He's also a creep! Why in hell he bought me bedroom slippers, I will never know. I really don't want to know! Come to think of it, my grandma probably got it for him to give me. Thanks but no thanks!

4. One year I.... snuck into my parents bedroom and found all my brother's and I Christmas gifts unwrapped in a huge layaway box! I was really hoping for a brown leather jacket that year and I cried because I saw it in that box! On Christmas morning I wasn't as excited because I already knew it was going to be mine! Then I confessed to my mom that I had found it. She got better at hiding things after that! Ha!
5. I think the worst gift to give is.... a damn Chia Pet. Seriously those are a joke!
6. At Christmastime I typically.... do a lot of baking with my mom, bitching about POS family members that can't get their act together, bitching about stuff not going my way, singing carols, & trying my hardest to be nice to the ones I only see a few times a year that I really don't get along with!
7. Typically, family Christmas.... Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas morning with his family...we try to keep it as simple as possible.
8. If I could change one thing about the Holiday season.... there would be no presents and everyone would be happy to just be with each other for  a few hours!
9. It is so hard to buy for.... me! The hubs complains that I find out way too much before Christmas! I will give the hubs a list of things I'd like to have and then if I really want it bad enough I end up buying it before he can. He gets pissed! It's already happened this year too!
10. My favorite Christmas tradition is... baking with my Mom!
11. Santa, baby, bring me a .... an embroidery machine, some new boots, and new shades! A permanent job for the hubby too! Zane, he's spoiled. He has too much crap as it is! (just kidding)
 photo IMG_0904.jpg


Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Christmas Card Time

It's hard deciding what to send out to all your loved ones for the holidays. We love to send a family photo every year!
This year Zane requested we do something silly instead of being normal! ha! Oh the ideas of a 5 year old! Well, as always, we let him have his way. At first he wanted us to all dress up in camo. Well, I considered it but no thanks. My boy loves some Duck Dynasty. He tried but was vetoed.
A few weekends ago the hubs surprised us and took us to Dollywood for the day. Zane got to see and talk to Santa. We rode rides and froze our hineys off! We drank hot chocolate and had a good time!
The hubs was smart and packed my good camera and my tripod. So while we were driving we stopped at the very top of the mountain and had a photo shoot!
Our Christmas card was in the works and I barely knew it! I say barely because I kind of posed our shots with cards in mind! hehe I had several shots I wanted to use but these two that I have here stood out to me the most. Zane loves both of them so that means a lot since this year it was his idea to be silly!
My dilemma here is I am not sure which one I want to use! Can you help me? While I'd like to mix them up and send them all, I want to send the same cause we all know we have 'those' family members who will say "Why didn't you send me that one?" I don't want to explain anything. So help a girl out here. Which one would you pick?


Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thanksgivin' and all that Jazz

Y'all. Thanksgiving was so pleasant this year! We went to one place Thursday night and that was it! I was very happy about it! Usually we have two or more places to go. I also usually have LOTS to cook! This year, not much at all!
We threw three quart jars of green beans that we grew this year in a big ol pot on the stove with some fatback and let 'em boil. Then I made the Facebook famous Chocolate Lasanga! It was a huge hit! I barely got a taste for myself! I will be making it again next week for the work Christmas party.
Want in on the recipe? Click here y'all!
Friday we sent Zane to daycare and we went shopping! We got all of our gifts bought expect for two!!! Yeah baby!!! I'm so glad that we won't be stressing over buying gifts! I can enjoy baking and partying it up! This Saturday we are having a Tacky Sweater Party with our friends and we are playing Chinese Christmas! It's always a blast! Won't you come too?
Sunday we made a fire pit! Just in time for our party this weekend! What's a nice adult beverage without a warm fire to sit by? Exactly my point!
So anytime you need a warm fire to be next to, just come over to the Smiths house and hang out!


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