Friday, April 15, 2011


THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY! Wow I think I live for the weekends already! Especially now that it's getting warmer outside! We have no plans right now. [might be thunderstorms in the forcecast] I've been browsing the blog world and there are lots of inspiring women here! For many reasons of course, while most of them having at least one or multiple kids they accomplish crafting, home decorating, sewing, etc. I love reading these blogs and I look forward to reading their new posts and getting ideas for myself!

Right now, I think I am in the market for two things-
               1.) a new purse for Spring {and wallet to match of course}
               2.) a camera bag. I cannot find a camera bag that I like that is not $100 or more! Errr! Oh well, I              guess I have to put money in a jar now for sure! Tehehe!

 We will see how it goes with that! I am alos going to try and work on some crafty projects this weekend! [Fingers Crossed I get something done!]

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