Bucket Lst of a Lifetime

Originally this started out as a "30 before 30" list. Well 30 has come and is almost gone! So instead of changing it to "40 before 40" I figured that I would make it a list that I can continuously add to! So here you have it; my "Bucket List of a Lifetime"!


1. Take Zane to the Grand Canyon This won't be happening due to not enough time off!

2. Take a overnight or weekend trip with just my mother.

3. Get a Passport (and use it) This won't be happening due to not enough time off! I will have to add this to 40 before 40! ha!

4. Get another tattoo but this time with my Mom or BFF or both! Mom and I got matching tattoos after my last chemo treatment! Sept 2015

5. Go to New York City with the BFF I will have to add this to 40 before 40, too! ha!

6. Pay for some one's food in the drive-thru behind me  I have done this several times to pay it forward!

7. Dye my hair back totally blonde (almost there as of 4/27/12, 6/7/12, 7/25/12, 1/5/13)

8. Stick to a exercise regimen (in process- Been working out 3-4 days a week since mid July--this came to a hault after the Color Run! Shame on me!)

9. Make a Quilt (Started Jan. 2012- Finished March 2012)

10. Participate in a 5k Marathon (Color Run anyone? November 17, 2012)

11. Go to a drive-in movie (June 21, 2012- Madagascar 3)

12. Send a secret to Post Secret (July 6, 2012)

13. Have a closer relationship with GOD (getting there)

14. Go through all the shoes I don't wear and donate them (June 2, 2012)

15. Take pictures like a professional, but not be a professional (December 12, 2011 for BFFs Christmas Card)

16. Clean out my closet and donate my clothes (June 2, 2012)

17. Lose weight: at least 30lb

18. Go to Colorado or Alaska (Hubby can pick) (COLORADO IN JULY/AUG!!!)

19. Go on a romantic date all dressed up with the hubs When we went on our cruise we had lots of dressed up date nights!

20. Sponsor a Salvation Army Angel at Christmas

21. Organize pictures onto flash drives or separate hard drive

22. Be happy with the way I look

23. Have professional pictures taken of our little familia (Aug.18, 2012)

24. Go to another concert

25. Go to a funky themed party (maybe my 30th bday party? hint hint!) ha! went to a tacky sweater party in Dec. 2013

26.  Take Zane to Dollywood (Dec. 2, 2012)

27.  Do 10 nice things for other people (1-opened the door for a girl on crutches, 2-helped a lady in the parking lot with her groceries, 3-took a man's buggy back inside for him, 4-found money on the ground and gave it to a kid, 5-Left a big tip at a restaurant that doesn't accept tips, 6- )

28. Throw away all my underwear and start again

29. Ride in a limousine (Hint hint Hubs!)

30.  Meet a blog friend in REAL LIFE! (Kristina, Tamara, Pamela, Bethany at the Color Run! Now I need to meet more! Are you ready?)

31. Go on a tropical vacation somewhere with a white sandy beach and clear blue water! (Bahamas Cruise April 2016 and Christmas 2016) It was a blast!

32. Put a roof on our porch

33. Pay off 3 big items on our debt

34. Camp at least 5 times in 2017

35. Take Zane to his first concert


  1. Anna- I love this! I have NEVER thought of doing this. We are the SAME age! I never knew!!! ;) Goodness, I was just thinking as I was reading..if I made a list; would I be able to do it. We will see. Maybe it needs to be a penciled in list. LOL ♥

  2. I'm also turning 30 in 2014! This is such a great idea! Especially since I feel like turning 30 is the end of my life, I guess it makes sense to make a bucket list for turning 30 haha. I'm so going to steal this idea and make myself a list!

  3. Love the idea. I'm turning 40 :) so I think I'll do the same ... LOVE LOVE Hope you get to accomplish the whole list.

  4. I love this list, and I am cracking up at 28 as I want to do that too!!

  5. I'm just now finding this list... where have I been? Anyway, how awesome is it that you sent in a Post Secret - was it posted to the website? And OH MAN, I'll do the underwear one with you! That sounded a little odd, didn't it? Haha!


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