Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday Jams & a Liebster

It's been a trend for me recently to post my jams on Friday so let's stick with it!
I'm loving this right now...

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I was nominated for the Liebster Award again but this time by Jaime over at Mommy On A Mission! Thanks Jaime! You're sweet!
The Rules:

1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.

2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.

3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.

4. Choose 11 blogs you love (with less than 200 followers) and link them in your post.

5. No tag back (but please leave me a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster post so I can learn more about you)!
I'm tagging 4 people and the rest is up to you readers! Write up a post and come back here to leave me a link in the comment section so I can learn all about you!
-Jill from Jill's World
-Nicole from Prairie Princess
-Sherry from The Sweet Life of the Reese's
-Beth from Shug in Boots

11 Randoms:
  • I've been a SAHM before and didn't like it that much.
  • I have a hard time finding boots to fit my Sasquatch feet!
  • I like country music and rap music...any music for that matter!
  • I HATE coffee!
  • I paint my nails at least once a week!
  • I've gained 7lbs of the 15lbs that I lost last year...I suck!
  • I just got new glasses and don't like them. I just ordered new ones!
  • I love JEEPS! But if you've been reading here a while you know it's been giving me hell!
  • I love my t-shirt and jeans and to dirty, but I also love to get cleaned up and be pretty too!
  • Lately I've been drinkin a Dr. Pepper once a day. That might be why I've gained weight...SMH
  • I love my blog friends more than I love some of my real life friends!
My 11 Questions that Jaime asked me:
1. Baked or fried? I like fried, but grilled is the best! Baked meats are not my thing!
2. Iced or hot coffee? I don't drink coffee at all. Too bitter for this sweet thang! ;)
3. What was your first car? 1991 Mustang...I hated it too!
4. If you could go back to high school, would you ? Why? No, I hated high school. I was a bitch to most people and I would not go back and deal with all the drama that comes with high school!
5. Do you like to wear hats? What kind? Ball caps sometimes but not much!
6. Night owl or early bird? Depends on what I am doing. If I'm out partying I can stay up late. If I'm going on a trip, I'm an early to ride kind of girl! ha!
7. What is your favorite part of your body? My hair and face!
8. What is your strangest quirk?
9. What scares you the most?  Losing another loved one and Dying a painful death
10. What’s your favorite holiday? Why? Christmas! I love that's its all about Jesus but I also love all the decorations! I love the bright colors, decorating, the events, the bringing families together!
11. How did you meet your best friend? We worked together at a salon for a few years. I loved her the first time we talked at our job. I helped her with a client and then we talked over lunch one day. From there on out we were friends. It started out slow with just hanging on the weekends and grew into practically living with her! The older we got the closer our relationship has gotten! I love you boo!
11 Questions for YOU:
(that's right, you reading this post! Go write up a post and give me your answers, come back here and comment with the link so I can read them and know you better!)

  1. If you could be any where in the world right now, where would you be?
  2. What would you do while you were there?
  3. What's your favorite part of your day?
  4. If you could give a $1000 to someone who would you give it to? Why?
  5. You're stranded on a dessert island and all you have is an ipod with one song for entertainment. What song would you choose to listen to?
  6. What's your hobby? If you have one.
  7. Everyone needs time away. For example, Girls Night Out! What's your ideal girl time like?
  8. Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?
  9. What has been your favorite vacation so far?
  10. Do you see yourself still blogging in five years?
  11. If you could do one thing to pamper yourself for the day, what would you pick?


  1. Can't wait to see Blake & the Pistol Annies perform on the awards!!

  2. I can relate about blog friends. They communicate with me more than my real-life associates do (except for my husband).

  3. Right there with you with the blog friends! 22 more days!

  4. How much do you LOVEEEE Blake's new album?! I'm dying for it. Great jam choices!!

  5. Thanks for the tag! I'll play along next week for sure :)
    Loooove Blake!! I need to download his new album!!
    And don't get down about gaining back 7 lbs... Dude, I had lost 32 lbs. and early last year, I started putting it back on. I gained it ALL back, plus one pound. Yikes. I'm working on losing it all over again now!

  6. John is obsessed with that new Blake song. I'm not sold. And yes, you need to break the Dr. P habit. Everything in moderation my dear! And soda is awful for you. I'm so glad I have never been a soda fan.

  7. Hey, girl! Thanks a bunch for the nomination. You know I love following your blog. If I had to pick a soda that was my weakness, it would be Dr. Pepper too. I try to avoid it, but I do let myself have Ginger Ale or some other caffeine free soda to get me through my day. I need to leave off the sweet tea though. Here is my post:

  8. I wanna be Kenny's island girl!! And thanks for the nomination! I just did a Liebster not too long ago, so I'll probably skip this round. Thanks though!

  9. I have an eclectic love of music too. I also struggle to find boots, but it's because of my calves.


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