Our Story

I am working on a series of posts called "Our Story". I am sharing all things from our engagement to life as a parent. Please bare with me as this will take some time.

Along with "Our Story" you might want to know more about who the two men are in my life. They both have my heart and I don't know what I would do without them!

The Hubs- the love of my life. He is my mechanic, my cook, my nanny when I need him to be, and even will do house work. (but not without begging first) He loves to 'ride dirty'; whether it's in a jeep, on a fourwheeler, or even in our side by side. Off-roading is his thang. Yes. I said 'thang'. Moving on. He is a hard working mechanic that doesn't even do that for a living. He is a smartass and can give you the wrong impression at first. He loves a good joke and to sing to the top of his lungs just to annoy me. I love him.

Zane- My little 4 year old monster! He is ALL BOY! He loves to get dirty and play with cars/trucks. He will eat veggies and fruit over any junk food, but loves chocolate too! He will order broccoli over french fries and Sprite with cherries in it over sweet tea. The boy knows what he wants. He likes to go fast no matter what you are doing. Refuses to clean up his toys, but will put any trash in the trash can. He can wrestle with the best of them and call you a poopie head. If you ever meet him is VERY shy the first 10 minutes then it's on like donkey kong!


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