Monday, June 13, 2011

Manic Monday


Well it's Monday again and I am still counting down the days until our vacation!
Our weekend was busy moving furniture for the Mother-in-Law, getting my "hur did", and playing on lake in the boat. Due to only using a tanning lotion with 8 spf and being on the water for almost 4 hours, I am not feeling up to par today. I also didn't get alot of sleep last night due to every time I would roll over I would find a licoln log poking at me! {some little boy forgot to take them back to his room after him and daddy played in the bed with them} I am trying to get back into sewing again and I think I have a big new project in the works. All I can say is 'diaper bag'. I hope it comes out okay! I will keep you all posted!
In the mean time, this is what I found in my bed this morning after I spent most of the time in the bathroom getting ready for work...

I then got closer to realize that Zane was playing 'possum'!


He's a mess && I love him so very much! Needless to say after I took this picture Daddy let him stay home with him to play all day! Honey, does he ever know how to work the magic to get his way!

I hope ya'll have a great Monday!


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