Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquakes & Hurricanes....OH MY!

This just in....There was an earthquake in Virginia that was felt here in good ole SC!? I didn't feel it, but my parents called me to see if my work was evacuating. You can read more about it on my local news here.
You see, I've never told anyone on my blog where I work. I work in the complex part of a nuclear plant. Sorry y'all I just didn't think anyone needed to know but maybe you do in case I come up missing!! {just kidding} But for realz, I didn't feel a thing! Crazy things are happenin' lately! Crazy I tell ya! Cr-Ay-Zee!

Via Google

But I also don't watch alot of news, it saddens me to see all the stuff they put on the news. I'd rather watch a reality show! lol Yes, the news is reality, but its all (in a Tom Brokaw voice- love him by the way) "someone robbed a bank", "so & so shot his neighbor", & (in a redneck witness type voice) "I saw the whole thang and I got it on video, hold my beer and watch this!". I don't like that stuff. So I choose not to watch it. Okay, so maybe the last little comment isn't quite so true, but you get the point. :)

Oh Irene, Hurricane Irene that is. She just wants to come shake us up even more than previously shaken today, or so they say!

Tropical Depression Eight
Via Weather.com
Let's hope she stays far East and leaves some rain and that's it!

Did you feel the Earthquake?


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  1. I did not feel the earth quake but I was thinking the same thing as you! IT'S GETTING CRAZY!


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