Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Under the weather...Over the weather

Okay, I've been green the past two days...not sure what it was but ugh! I'm over it!
I'm also over the heat! I want the fall season to come rushing in! Even though we have a whole month left of summer heat. Bummer. My boys {Hubs & Zane} have been gone for FIVE days! Seems like forever! I've been trying to keep myself busy. Sewing and Painting a bit. The sad part is I haven't got many chances to talk to them much. The reason behind that is our lovely cell phone service. They conveniently are making network changes, whatever that means. But the Hubs can make or receive calls or texts. {Yes, I am nearly bald from pulling my hair out at this point} Luckily the hubs can use his Internet and we've been communicating that way. I just want to hear the voices of the two I love the most. Mind you, this is the longest I have been without Zane. Where in the world are they?

Yep. I didn't go. Yea. I'm regretting it. {insert pouty face with lip poked out}
I sure hope they are having lots of fun! I can't wait to hear all about it when they get back. I do know that a friend that went with them proposed to his girlfriend at 136,000 ft! So sweet! I'm counting down the days until they return home! 4 DAYS TO GO!

Anywho~ My projects that I have worked on were fun and easy!
Cotton & Fleece Taggie - Babies love tags, why not a wash cloth sized blanket with tags all around?

My friend Amanda asked me to make pillow cases for both her girls. This is what I have so far- First run She asked for Brooke's to feature the color purple and Brianna's to feature pink. Well see how it goes...:)

I made the blanket below for a friend. She had her cute baby boy this week! She loved the blanket!
Her is that sweet baby and his cousin in blue and Big Sister in red.

I'm loving the taggies and all the unique ways I can make them!

What is happening on your side of the blogisphere?

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