Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011 and preparing for the New Year 2012!

This time of year is crazy for all of us. We all had family parties to attend, friends to visit with, and exchange a gift or two. Our festivities started Christmas eve night at my parents house. We had family from both sides visited. We ate a fabulous pot luck dinner and had great fellowship! There were over 30 people in my parents house! Good thing they renovated last year and made the living room bigger! The bummer here is I forgot my camera! All of our family was together and I didn't take a single picture! SMH! I did enjoy not running around trying to get people to pose and stuff. I just enjoyed the moment and time spend with my family.

Christmas morning we woke Zane up, along with my SIL and her hubby and my MIL. Zane was excited that Santa had come, but was sad that Eddie the Elf went back to the North Pole with him.

This is Eddie the Elf when the toys decided to take him hostage! ;)

Santa left foot prints out of the chimney and ate all the cookies!
He also left behind gifts! What joy it was too see my little boy open his gifts! The best part was how excited he got with each one! Expressions like "Wow!", "Holy Moly!", and "Oh my Gosh!" were among many that he used Christmas morning! Sweet. Joy. Pure. Sweet. Joy.



Christmas day was all fun and that evening we headed over to my Grandparent's house. We had shrimp and grits for dinner with a salad! (per my request too! Thanks Nana!) It was fabulous too by the way! I know your mouth is watering right now thinking about it! Top it of with some cheese and...Slap yo Mama! Thems good eatin' right there! hehe! Anywho, we exchanged more gifts and relaxed!


Who would have thought that the world would end in the millennium? I thought we would at least lose something whack! Guess not! The world still turns 12 years later! I am not starting a list of resolutions, but I am going to commit to change some things. I don't make "to-do" lists because I never complete them. I only make a to-do list when cleaning house or making a list for the hubs! ha! The boys and I are going to the coast for the New Year! For some quality time! Holla!

Where will you be when the ball drops this New Years?
P.S. One day, I will be in Times Square for NYE! All I ask is that my BFF be with me! ;) hint hint Hubby!



  1. Going to be in Texas with family this year. The toys tiring up the elf was to cute, great idea. Hope you have fun on the coast. :) happy new year!

  2. Julia, Texas will be fun too! I've been to South Texas a few times! Our Elf kept us on our toes, but it was worth it seeing our son look for him! Happy New Year!


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