Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Get to know Me

Okay, so my posts are sucky. Sue Me. Sometimes I like a little "fill out thingy" instead of coming up with my own ideas for a post. If you do one, leave me a comment to let me know and I will check it out! 


{1} food.

{2} color.

{3} animal.
Because I like these prints on myself, I like the animals as well!
*No animals were harmed in the making of this post!

{4} sports team. College- Clemson Tigers! Not only is it near my home town, most of my family has graduated from there and I secretly wish I went to college there. (I didn't go to college) ***Little fun Fact for ya: The Hubs doesn't like sports so I don't get to watch it as much as I'd like. Crazy I know!

{5} dessert. Chocolate Anything Please. When it comes to Chocolate I have NO Will Power! What.So.Ever!

{6} artist/singer/band. Country Music and 90's music are my genre's but I really don't have a favorite.
I guess these two and my front runners and have been for the last three years or so.

Eric Church & Brantley Gilbert (if you don't know who they are, you should!)

{7} pair of shoes. Justin Gypsy and Yellow Box Flip Flops are my GO-TO Shoes!

{8} outfit. Jeans and a T-shirt for everyday wear! You can pair the above with it according to the weather! ;) Yes, it can be quite boring. I am a simple girl mostly, but I can dress up too!

{9} store. Anywhere- Target, Old Navy, Lane Bryant, and Wal-Mart of course!

{10} brand. {bags & accessories} VB for most of it!

{11} perfume. Well, I really a stuck on my Bath & Body Works Paris Amore and Sensual Amber.

{12} accessory. My favorites are my diamond Palmetto tree and moon necklace and my grey jelly watch.

{13} city. I like to go every where! I love to travel!

{14} hobby. Blogging, photography, and crafting


{15} beauty product.
I can't just choose one! I have to always have eyeliner, mascara, and lips of some sort!

{16} snack. Please refer to Questions #5! ;)

{17} holiday. It's not a holiday for everyone, but I have two. My wedding anniversary and my son's birthday.

{18} movie. I have several favorites. I love Steel Magnolias. I cry every time! I love to watch any movie with Julia Stiles in it.

{19} song. I love many songs! I am currently in love with Lady Gaga's You & I!

{20} guilty pleasure. MTV Reality Shows!



  1. Love Steel Magnolias & Lady Gaga!

  2. I love Justin boots but sadly I don't own a pair.


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