Friday, February 10, 2012

Fabulous Valentine Challenge - Day 10

Love My Vices(because we all have them)

vice /vīs/
Noun: Immoral or wicked behavior.

Well my first vice would be biting my nails. It's such a nasty habit. I can stop doing it for a while. I have done it for months at a time. Then, I get stressed and that is the first thing I do!

Second, would have to be food. I don't call myself a "Big Girl" for nothing. I eat because I like the flavor. I do not know when to stop. If it tastes good. I am try to work things out in my mind to fix this, but as we all know this will definitely take quite some time!

One year ago January 19, I would have wrote that this

was my worst vice! I am proud to say that I have been smoke free and I plan to stay that way! Now, I loved smoking. I loved everything about it. The taste, the smell, everything. I would smoke about a pack a day. If I was out some place where others were smoking, I'd likely smoke more. If I were at a bar one night, I'd smoke 2 PACKS guaranteed! I would also wake up the next morning squawking like a pterodactyl too!
 Now that I have quit and never looked back, the smell makes me down right angry! Angry you say? Yes, Angry! I get mad because someone who is near me is smoking is polluting my fresh air with second hand smoke! Even if we are outdoors and someone is not far from me smoking, I can smell it. It's disgusting! Makes me want to gag!
So, to all the people who I smoked near and polluted your personal space, I'm SORRY! To the ones who still do this, think about it next time, please! For the sake of your children and others! Second hand smoke is just as bad as smoking itself!

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  1. YES good for you - I am ex-smoker of 2 years now!! SUCH a good life choice!!

    Thanks for linking up with us during this challenge! I hope you'll consider joining me for Lots of Link Love tomorrow - you can share the posts that you've enjoyed from fellow bloggers over the last few weeks!


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