Thursday, June 07, 2012


Here is my Photo A Day May, finally! I have got to do better next time with the #hashtags! I got so lost composing this!

  1. Peace- Peace, Love, and 4x4 (it's an offroad thing, you may or may not understand!)
  2. Skyline- looking out off my parents porch at sunset
  3. Something I wore- my favorite dress!
  4. Fun- riding bikes with Zane
  5. Bird- I tried like hell to get a picture of the two birds that kept flying around this but I never could.
  6. You- this is me y'all. Duh.
  7. Someone that inspires me- my MIL. She is a Breast Cancer survivor! So strong!
  8. Smell I adore- Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon & Paris Amore!
  9. Something I do everyday- Blog!
  10. Favorite Word- Fabulous! (enough said!)
  11. Kitchen- Moma's Kitchen
  12. Something that makes you happy- My Mother's Day gift from Zane
  13. Mum- This is my fantastic Mum!
  14. Grass- Laying in the grass looking at Black Betty
  15. Love- My parents, after all this time they are still in love!
  16. What you're reading- I am just now reading Hunger Games! (I'm 75% done)

17. Snack- 3 Spoons is our local fro-yo place!
18. Something you made- Zane asked me to draw the sealion he saw!
19. A favorite place- Surfside Beach, SC
20. Something you can't live without- My hubby! Without him, I'd have nothing
21. Where I stand- As I was standing in the bathroom I found two menaces!
22. Pink- I love that my boy has a pink sand castle toy but won't use it!
23. Technology- Hexbug (a remote control bug)
24. Something new- The hubs picked out this new purse for me!
25. Unusual- It's unusual to find me with a knife! (kidding) I even have a pocket knife, yes, it's pink!
26. 12 o' clock- Oops! I forgot to do this one!
27. Something sweet- Krispy Kreme and Mtn. Dew! What could be better? Maybe a shot of Jager to wash it down with? haha I'm kidding!
28. The weather today- Clear and Blue! My hubby makes it better!
29. A Number- 4 is my number, but it's my Boy turned 4 on this day in May!
30. Your Personality- I'm also known as Crazy Anna!
31. Something Beautiful- My son is beautiful inside and out. Even when he is being a brat! I will always love him no matter what!


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  1. fun photos! I really need to do this photo a day thing. xo


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