Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our Story: It's a Boy!

Mornin' pretty ladies! While I'm getting out of my funk, here is another installation of "Our Story"! Enjoy!

October 2007 rolled around, we went out for the annual Oktoberfest! We went and I was nauseous the entire time! I laid up sick the next two days feeling like I had the flu or something. I was so sick! I was on the phone with my cousin and telling her how bad I felt. Then IT hit me like a ton of bricks! I might be pregnant! I hung up with her called the hubs immediately. I told him to go by on his way home and buy two tests.

Two. Just to be sure they would be accurate. He came home, handed me the tests and said that he would be leaving in 20 minutes to ride with a friend to take some car parts to another city 2 hours away. I scurried to the bathroom and waited. Well, I didn't have to wait long because as soon as I took the test, it showed a positive! I yelled for Steve to come to the bathroom but he had already gone outside. What a good hubby he is to not stick around to find out! (Later he said that he had to get away to get his mind off of the idea of being a Daddy)

Once his friend arrived, he came in the house to say bye and I told him. He was excited! I was ecstatic! I had dreamed of being a mother for a long time! We decided not to tell anyone right away at that moment. Until we knew for sure from a doctor. He asked if I wanted to ride with him and his friend, so off I went!
The ride started out awkward. We were trying so hard to hold it in. I was still a smoker at this time and the hubs friend said if I wanted to, that I could smoke in the truck. I made a comment that may have clued him in. "No thanks, I quit." He then followed with the question, "Why? You pregnant?" The hubs and I giggled like school girls. He knew right then! So we shared in the excitement. While they delivered parts I got on the phone and called my Mom! She cried and so did my Daddy! Then we called Steve's Mom and she was so happy she squealed! My brother was still alive then and couldn't believe that he was going to be an Uncle!

 We found out that we would be expecting a sweet bundle of joy the following June!

After we found out that we for sure we were having a boy, we called everyone we knew!

This is a picture of me at 36 weeks! I was already miserable! I was beyond swollen and I couldn't even wear shoes! I ended up having to go buy a men's pair of flip flops just so that I would be able to walk around! Thank goodness it was spring! Just a few days after this picture was taken,  I started having pains but nothing bad enough to think it was labor. I went in for my routine pregnancy check up and to have one last ultra sound done. I let them know that I was in some pain. Once I laid on the table to have my ultra sound done it got worse! I was crying because it hurt me so much to lay down flat on my back. I only laid there about 10 minutes or less and got up. The doctor came in and I immediately asked how much longer I would have to wait. He said that with my condition, it was up to him. So I asked "does this mean you can help me?" He said, "How about your husband go home and get your bags and your mother take you across the street?" Ummm....YES PLEASE!!! So we were off! I didn't deliver until the next day around noon.

...and we still live happily ever after!!!!


  1. How precious!! So you had him almost a month early? Aww this post makes me want to squeeze a newborn!

  2. This is such a sweet post. What a beautiful baby Zane was. Seriously, you looked great!!!!

  3. So sweet!! I love his little face in that last picture! Adorable.


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