Friday, August 10, 2012

Colorado and it's Unfortunate Events {Part 2}

If you're just joining me on this adventure, you might want to start at the beginning!

We finally made it to Colorful Colorado!

I am supposed to tell you that the first thing I did when we got into CO is that I met up with my friend Monica. Unfortunately, She was not able to meet. She texted me with sad news the day before saying her nephew had been in an accident and she would be going to be with him and the family. So send some prayers their way! They need it! Monica and I will try to meet again next year! Love ya Mo!

Our plan was to meet at Casa Bonita, so we still went! I texted her pictures along the way. This place had a huge waterfall where divers would dive from! Zane loved it and I loved the margaritas!

Zane really got into the show!

I am wearing my Keep Calm & Blog On shirt I got from Stephanie! I love it!

We played in the arcade and then headed for our final destination for the week!

On our way to Empire, CO it started to rain. All I could think was "it's gonna be so muddy!" Boy was I wrong!
The ground is not muddy everywhere like in SC, it is rocks and grassy too!
I had to take a shot at this JK going beside us! I love the color!

The next morning the sun was shining and there was NO Humidity! That's the best part! I don't think it got over 85 degrees the whole time we were there. L.O.V.E!

This is were we lived for the week we were at All-4-Fun in Empire!

The Hubs posing before lining up for our first trail ride!
This is a shot of everyone lining up for the first run of trails for the day. There were several tour guides that took groups through trails each day. All you had to do was sign up for one the previous night!

We took a long gravel road up to the top of the trail head and had a group meeting to know what was expected for this trail. Once we got to the top, the views were AMAZING!

Me waiting for all the other rigs to get to the top.

Family photo from the top! If you look in the center over to the right, you can see the town we were staying in!

This is our stop for lunch and right before a crazy storm came in! Luckily everyone was able to eat lunch and get back in their rigs before the rain and hail started!

After lunch we headed towards the lake. It was a nice trail and not too bumpy. We got up to 12,000 feet above sea level! Where I live, it's only 950 feet above sea level! Talk about breath taking! As we are headed to the lake, we experience crazy rain and hail! Then the clouds part ways and I see snow caps! That's right, SNOW! That's just not something you see very often in SC and you will NEVER see it in July/August!

We finally make our way to the lake and we get out and explore the area.

The hubs decides he wants to get a family shot on this slippery log! I'm not to thrilled, so I don't get too far before I tell our friend Damon to take the shot already! ha!

From the lake back to the camping area was a LONG bumpy ride and I felt like my guts had been shook up! We had been in the Jeep since 9am that morning and we finally got back to camp about 3 or 4pm I think.

That evening was a wild one to say the least! It changed the rest of the week for us. It didn't stop us from doing things, it just changed they way we did them. We made the most of the situation instead of packing up and going home. {I may or may not have thought this on Sunday night.}

What happened? WELL-- It was close to 10pm, Zane was asleep in the camper and I was in the EZ-Up tent (we put sides on it because we knew it would be cold at night) reading on my kindle when I saw headlights pull up towards me. I thought to myself  'that must be Steve'.

A few moments later I hear strange male voices and I burst out to see what was going on. All I could see was 4 guys standing around near the 'tramper'. I shout, "What's going on?" Then I see the hubs sitting on the trailer holding his foot. I asked them was happened and one guy said, "We'll let him tell you." Next thing I knew, those strange guys disappeared and I was putting ice on Steve's left foot, his clutch foot.

The next morning we decided to find an Urgent Care. It was 45 minutes away! I had to drive the big truck, which I hate because I have to change gears. 3 X-rays and 2 hours later we find out he had chipped bone in two places on his foot, but it is not broken! What a relief! Well, they gave him a boot/aircast to wear and he had to get some crutches.

The hubs said that the Jeep wouldn't crank, so he had asked some guys that were driving by to help him push it back to camp. The Jeep was losing momentum as the camping area was pretty flat. The hubs decided to jump out and help push. When he did the rear tire got his foot and ran it over. Poor guy! The Jeep didn't run the rest of the week, but thankfully I know just a little about how to drive a stick shift! I can't say I'm great at it, but I got us from Point A to Point B! Heck I even stalled out going 25 mph uphill! Don't you dare laugh! Okay, laugh, cause you know it's funny!

So the rest of the week I drove us around sight seeing. We were not able to go on the trail rides because our rig didn't run. So we found routes to places we could go! It turned out to be just as fun, except my manual driving! ha!

We drove through the Guanella Pass. It stretches from Georgetown to Grant, which is about a 23 mile route that is paved. There are beautiful sites to see through out the entire 23 miles!

We stopped and view Mount Evans! We also met hikers that had just came down from the top!

After a long paved road, it turned into gravel just before we got into Grant. There were several pull offs and we found this cool bridge!

Zane and I let out some energy while I was teaching the Hubs what 'continuous shot' meant! That was fun!

Come back tomorrow to see what we had for lunch!

Here is a clue!


  1. All of your pictures are amazing!! Aww I'm sad your hubs got hurt. At least you were still able to enjoy vacay. Way to go for driving that stick! I can drive one but it's not pretty!

  2. Your pics are awesome! You look like such a fun Momma!

  3. You got some great pictures! Sorry your hubby got hurt, but glad you still enjoyed the trip. That CO sign is quite popular, I drive by it quite often and see a lot of families pulling off for pictures. Are the miles of cones still there on the CO/KS border?

  4. Those views are absolutely gorgeous! But seeing the jeeps twisted like that makes me nervous... even though I know they are made to do that. So sorry your hubby got hurt, I hope he makes a quick recovery!


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