Friday, August 17, 2012

The day I realized this might be my child.

So there's this hype about some redneck little girl who happens to have her own reality show on TLC.

In case you  are behind the times like I was, here is a youtube video of Alana and her family from the show.

I was told yesterday that if I ever have a little girl, she might turn out like this! THANK GOODNESS I don't plan on having anymore kids! Lawd have mercy there can't be two of us! Ha! This may or may not have been what I was like as a child! Okay, I kid.

This little girl Alana is from Georgia and has true southern roots. From riding four wheelers to impersonating Elvis, she's proud of who she is and I don't blame her! Stay true to yourself girl, don't let Hollywood change you!

 I wish I had a muddy four wheeler picture to show you of me when I was a kid! It would look just like this! The only difference would be that my four wheeler was blue! ha!

There are a few things that this show portrays that I do not agree with, but hell it makes for good TV! It's funny but at the same time it can be a disgrace to southerners. 'Cause let's be honest here, a majority of these reality shows are based in the south and are poking fun of how we do things. We're simple and we like it that way! These rednecks are just tryin to make a dolla this day in age and Hollywood corrupted them.

Now that you all know what my daughterthatIwillneverhave will be like...

Shew! I'm done here!
Happy Friday hooch!


  1. Lovvvve honey boo boo! I mean seriously, she just has the best little personality! I agree that it could portray southerners in a bad light (I mean, I live in Kentucky... & we all know what everyone thinks of MY state!), but I really think the family is "in on the joke" & playing it up for the cameras! & who can blame 'em, they're probably making good money from it!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you for making me laugh so hard, I'm ready to pee my pants!!! I've never seen the wonder that is Honey Boo Boo but now I'm making it a point to catch up this weekend!! Agree with Breanna her family seems like they are totally in on it, but whatever works for them right?!!!

  3. I cannot believe this!!!! I have never watched it or even heard of this girl! She is freaking cray cray...and her mother is probably one of the ugliest woman i have ever seen!! i maybe just addicted by reading this and going to go record the episode! I watched the Anderson Cooper on her too...She isn't saving any of the money for college!!?? WTF!!

    Super funny and definitely made my morning!

  4. Honey boo boo child. Omg. Hilarious.

  5. I love that show! I just watched it for the first time yesterday!

  6. I have to say, that family is completely insane but I have to give the parents credit because they all have no shortage of self esteem. Every damn word out of their mouth makes me laugh.

  7. Ok ma'am! It's official...first post is complete! Now I just need you to show me how to make it pretty! Looks pretty rough right now....

    Love ya!

  8. bahahha LOVE that show! Freakin hilarious!

  9. I'm cracking up at this post. But girl I could not watch this show. Breanna told me abt it. I tried to watch and only lasted maybe 10 mins.

  10. OMG, this girl... "they just don't know a good thing when they see it."

    she is out of control

    perfect birth control.


  11. I never watched this show, but I've heard many things about it in the negative light. However, with your spin on it, it does sound like a typical southern family. We've road our fair share of four wheelers and got covered in mud from head to toes and all in between!! I also am proud of who I am and don't let anyone change me.

    I'm located in Orangeburg. Where are you?? I think we have many things in common. :)


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