Friday, September 28, 2012

Come Fun, Come All!

I've got a busy weekend ahead of me and I'm ready to kick it in the face already! I wish I wasn't working today so that I could do things that I need to get done! Weddings are such a fun thing! I will be directing and getting this shin dig in gear for some friends of mine! I tell ya, if I could, I would be a wedding planner as my full time job! Around this small town, there isn't a demand for it. So therefore, I do it for the love of weddings! I'm trying to convince the hubs to have another wedding but I haven't persuaded him yet and I probably won't! He thinks one wedding is enough, do you? Nah! I didn't think so either!

I did convince him to look at my Old Navy Cart and he bought everything in it! Damn I love that fool! I got my loot yesterday and only three things didn't work out! I ordered about 20 things so I'm impressed!

Y'all with Fall sneaking up on us we need to have a little chit chat about fall fashion. I'm always loving me some Old Navy and right now they have some of the hottest stuff! I am not a big fashion guru and I will never try to be! I dress to be comfortable first and foremost! I am a casual kind of girl and like to be a little bit of bold.

Ladies, we all love animal print. I myself LOVE anything with leopard print! I don't like to wear jackets that much because I am a hot natured girl, but I do like a good sweater or cardigan! (Sorry Raven!) This cardigan with dark skinny jeans is hot with those boots! I added color with that red belt. This would be really cute to dress up with some gold jewelry!

One trend that keeps growing on me is all the bright colors popping around! I think that I could definitely pull off these purple jeggings! This black and white printed shirt really brings it out. Throw on some little black flats and you're good to go!

With Fall comes football! We all have different teams, but this old girl here pulls for the Clemson Tigers! Give me some orange and white, throw in some comfy jeans and cute as all get out boots, What do you get? One heck of a tailgating outfit!
Shirt// Jeans// Boots

Happy Friday Muffins!

What's your favorite fall outfits this year?

Please note that this post was not sponsored by Old Navy. All put together outfits and opinions are 100% mine.



  1. Did you order some of the Rockstar jeans from ON? I went and tried some on last weekend and had to go up 2 sizes from what I normally am and I still looked like I was poured into them... I just don't think they're made for me! But I want to wear them because they are so colorful!

  2. Steve rocks! Can you have him take a look at my shopping cart too?! Yes, have another wedding so I can come crash it! I think I like the first outfit best but they are all cute!


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