Monday, October 08, 2012

And We've Got A Winner!

Happy Monday and Thank y'all for commenting Friday! I am here to make some one's Monday a better day!

Drum Roll Please!.....(dadddddduummm)

Girls Love Fried Pickles

Dusty, email me and let me know where to send these beauties to! I'm so excited to send these to you!

 I hope that you all had a great weekend. It was pretty low key at our hacienda all weekend. That was until yesterday. The hubs came home and was working on his truck. If any of you have mechanics as husbands you will understand that sometimes the motor has to be revved up. He does not do it just to be loud and obnoxious. It's for good reason. If he was doing it to be loud and obnoxious I would be pissed too! In all honesty I hate how loud that truck is but I deal with it because it's only used on occasions. And I also preface my story this with: We have great neighbors on both sides and I know that we are good neighbors too.

The ONE day that the hubs has off he went to drive his Chevy truck it would not stay idle. He had to work on it. Well one of our neighbors decided that she was so pissed that she would rant about it on good old facebook.

"All was quiet in our neighborhood until our DUMBASS REDNECK neighbor decides to rev up his motor all day and race up and down the street like it's a race track."

Y'all I could not contain myself! I was pissed! Why couldn't she come and ask us to keep it down? Why did she have to post it so publicly. No, she didn't call him out directly but if anyone knows who lives beside her, it's pretty dang obvious! The neighbor she has on the other side is the hubs step dad.

I commented on her status. This was my response:
"That dumbass you refer to is my husband. If you have a problem with what we do get off your ass and come tell us. We don't bother anyone."

She deleted the status. But I'm still pissed. We live out in the boondocks and don't have but a few people that live on our dead end road. We're not normally loud at all. I just don't get it. I had to share this with all of you because I would hope that I am not in the wrong here by saying we are good neighbors. We honestly mind our own business and stick to ourselves.

How would you have reacted? Did I over react?


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  1. No you did not overreact. That is bs to call someone out on fb. Especially when she didn't even know what he was doing in the first place. I hate ppl sometimes. Our neighbor called the HOA on us bc John had trash bags of grass at the end of our driveway. They sat for a couple of days bc the trash truck never came. Not our fault.


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