Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Is the glass half empty or half full?

The Hubs mentioned to me over the weekend that I am a "glass half empty" kind of girl. For a second it took me for a loop. Then I regained consciousness and realized that maybe I really am.

When I am told that something MIGHT happen or it MIGHT NOT happen. I think the worst. I run the the worst scenarios in my head and I always end up expecting the worst. For example, when Zane fell out of the bath tub and bumped his head on the toilet. I instantly thought he had a concussion so I didn't let him go to sleep until late Friday night. I worried when he did go to sleep that something bad would happen. It didn't and I know that I shouldn't worry like that but I do. Or one time when I was a teenager we played hide and go seek in the house with no lights on. I hid behind the bathroom door. When the seeker pushed the door, it peeled my toe nail off. I feared that I would never have a toe nail there again and that I would have ugly feet for the rest of my life. It grew back and I don't have ugly feet.

Pessimism (glass half empty)
Optimism (glass half full)

Honestly, I ride the fence. I can look back on situations where I expect the best outcome then there are others when I have expected trouble as the outcome. With this being said I tell you that I am very happy with life and not the least depressed as some think that "glass half empty" kind of people are. My cup runs over. I am completely happy with the way things are going and I always try to live for the moment!

Want to know how full your glass is? Take this test! I took the test that had 15 questions and I had six optimistic answers and nine pessimistic answers. Let me know what you think and if you took the test! Does it really reflect what you thought?


  1. Oh wow - I'm a pessimist! That can't be true - lol

    Anyhoo - it says I can change that! So here's to becoming optimistic ;)

  2. I got 12 optimistic!!! I'm a glass half full type of gal. Ok in all honesty a lot of the questions mentioned something about luck. I decided earlier this year that there is no such thing as luck. I cut that word out of my vocabulary. Why? Because I truly believe God is in control of everything. If you feel lucky, well that's being blessed :) You feel unlucky, well God is trying to tell you it wasn't right. Adapting this train of thought has really changed my perspective. LOVE YA BOO!!

  3. I also had 6 & 9. However I was told the other day, a new answer for the half full/half empty thing.... Think of things as neither one... the glass is always totally full, full of air and water.

  4. I got 11 optimistic our of 15! I have always been a look on the bright side kind of girl!

  5. Wow, we are more alike than I thought! I got 6 optimistic and 9 pessimistic too. I guess I am more apt to think that if good things happen to me, it is because I either worked hard for them that day or because "luck" (which like Jen I attribute to God) had a hand in it. I am less inclined to think that good things happen because I am such a wonderful person that they should happen to me. Ha! I don't necessarily think it is a bad thing to look at things either way though, but it was fun to do the test. I say if my glass is half empty, that waitress better be coming by my table soon if she wants a tip! ;-)

  6. Funny. Dan tells me the same thing. Hmmm. Off to take that silly test and prove him wrong!


  7. So, if you had asked me three years ago, I would have said that I am a glass half empty girl. But Van is so pessimistic, I find myself being MORE optimistic to help lift his mood and my own. I would have absolutely said I'm more optimistic now, and that it has a lot to do with Jesus being in my heart now. :) But..I took the test, just to kicks. And I got the same results as you - 9 pessimistic and 6 optimistic. But...I think that you and I BOTH are more realistic than pessimistic. Perhaps it's just that society is in a bad place right now, and we recognize that. It doesn't make us unhappy. :)

    Fabulous post!

  8. I only got 5 optimistic ones!!!! but i don't feel like a Pessimist! I am super outgoing but I think the worst but that helps be do much better in life. I am now a little disappointed in myself cause personally I am not a debbie downer. Now I am going to go around being too happy! lol I don't want to be a pessimist!


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