Wednesday, October 03, 2012

That One Time When The Hubs Pole Danced

Two weekends ago some friends and I gathered up our little families and went to hang out in the mountains for the day. We grabbed some $5 pizzas and enjoyed the day with the kids.

After eating the kids wondered around while I stalked them for pictures! I kid. The hubs felt frisky and started to pole dance! What did they put in those pizzas?

My poor friend Dana! She knows how crazy the hubs can be. She dishes it right back to him. Maybe that's why I love her. Well that and we're just a like!

I've told y'all about Stump House Tunnel before. This was our first stop. We talked the kids into walking in the tunnel. To be so small they were fearless and went all the way without any crying or screaming!

They were so brave! Okay, maybe it was the flash lights they had to play with. They had fun and so did us adults!

Playing with the flash lights at the end of the tunnel. Well, actually this isn't the end of the tunnel. It goes back about 20 or 30 more feet, but they have it blocked off.

From the outside looking in it looks like there is an opening on both ends, but I used my flash for this shot so you could see the water on each side. Oh and while we were in the tunnel two other guys were walking too and they kept whistling like Rue did in Hunger Games. The way it echoed really freaked me out!

Our next stop was to see the deer and turkey! Since I was a kid this man has always had rescue animals. He has a permit to have these animals. At one point these animals were hurt and needed a safe place to stay and be taken care of. That is what this man provided for these animals. He has the fence built all the way to the road (not a busy road, we're in the mountains) so that people can see them and feed them. We brought pears to cut up so the kids could feed them. There was a turkey, a huge buck, a spike, and a little fawn. The little fawn loved the kids and it would come right up to them and eat the pears. I loved seeing the kids get excited about this!

 Our final stop was the Fish Hatchery! Growing up my parents always to my brother and I on picnics here! It will always have a special place in my heart!

Each pool has different sizes and different kinds of trout. One pool had LOTS of little baby trout and they were jumping out of the water! (I circled some in the picture below for you to see) I think that I can speak for the kids when I say this. The best part was feeding the fish! They would flop and splash and carry on when just the smallest amount of food would hit the top of the water.

 So, since the weather is so nice out now in most parts of the states now, get out and visit local public places around you! It's worth it. We try to visit these places at least once or twice a year.

Oh and ladies, if you're looking for a pole dancer for your next party, call me. I can get you a great price! (totally joking!)




  1. Oh my goodness - the husband! HA! My grandfather used to live in Walhalla! And I miss the mountains SO BAD!

  2. Such a fun post! :) I cannot believe your husband just started pole dancing, that's HILARIOUS! :) Glad y'all had so much fun!

  3. Sounds like a great time! I was hoping to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend but I might be having a baby on friday!

  4. Work it work it sign him up girl make them dolla dolla bills yal.
    Looks like a fun trip glad yal had a wonderful time

  5. TOO funny!! Love the pictures!

  6. bahaha. loving the animals ... but really really loving the pole dancing! ;) Why doesn't Dan do that as one of his hobbies?

  7. I love Steve!!! And I love your life in the mountains!! I'm totally talking the hubs into a road trip! It might not be til spring but I'm going to make it happen durnit!

  8. I would fall flat on my keester if i climbed that poll. Mad skills your hubs has!

  9. OMG!! I'm so getting one of those poles for my bedroom! lol... Love,Love,Love all your photos!!!!

  10. Yea I am a great pole dancer when I have someone to entertain lol. sometimes I do lap dances also !! Lol

  11. Yea I am a great pole dancer when I have someone to entertain lol. sometimes I do lap dances also !! Lol


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