Monday, December 03, 2012

Show & Tell: Christmas List

Linking up with Becky today!

Today, I'm putting myself first. I'm going to post all about my wants. What I would like to have for Christmas. Take notes people. If you need my address, email me and I will quickly respond! I am totally kidding! I am not normally a selfish person but sometimes it feels good to just think of yourself for once. Try it sometime but don't make it a habit! ha!

I am all about practical gifts. My mother started that. As a teen, my mother would put deodorant, razors, lotions, toothbrushes, floss, and all kinds of hygiene products in our stockings! I mean, she'd add some candies and stuff too but we actually liked getting the D.O. for our B.O. and being able to have an ample supply of razors so my pits and legs wouldn't get woolly!

Nowadays my wish list still consists of practical items.

I've been wanting a real pair of Toms for over a year now and I just haven't broke down and bought any.

I've had the same purse and wallet since the summer. That's not like me but here lately I've been a cheapskate. Maybe Santa will bring me at least one of the two!
I've been wanting new dishes for over two years and now I have finally convinced the Hubs that the old Corelle dishes he had from college has got to go!
This phone is a want and need item! Bad thing is I'm not eligible for an upgrade. My current phone sucks a big dirty toe and only works when it wants to! Heck it even force closes on the home screen! WTH!

 //strap//cap leash//

I currently have a strap cover, but I hate it! It bunches up and moves and it gets on my nerves. So I've asked the hubby to bring me these beauties!

What's on your Christmas Wish List?




  1. Oh my god, Annabelle, you crack me up. Heaven forbid your pits get woolly! Oh lord!

    I love practical gifts, too! They're the best!

  2. I'm asking for a new pair of TOMS too. I already have two pairs but I'm obsessed :)

  3. I want THOSE TOMS! Both pair, ha!

  4. OKay, you are going to LOVE Fiestaware. It's our everyday dishware and we are in love. It's sturdy, colorful and cost is great too! I'm telling you, one of the best decisions you'll ever make!!!!

  5. Hahaha - wooly lady. I haven't shaved my legs in like...maybe two weeks. I'm feeling rather wooly at the moment, now that you mention it. Ha.

    Those toms are GREAT. Oh man. But, I have yet to buy a pair either. I have some off-brand ones that look like toms. But I still want actual Toms. And...if my sewing machine would work (and if I knew how to use it) I'd totally make you a camera strap.

  6. I love TOMS. I have four pairs but always, always want more! They are the most comfortable shoes ever. I even have some right now with fleece inside so I don't have to wear socks in the winter. Haha! This is a pretty great list! I love that green chevron camera strap!


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