Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hash It Out #4

I am sorry for not posting this yesterday! I had it written up but didn't publish it! Shame on me!
Lawd have mercy! Did you watch the "Girls Tell All" show Monday??? If you didn't you best hop to it right now! (aka Jen)
Y'all I wanted to bitch slap Tierra and AshLee. They really both turned out to CRAY CRAY! They both need to be strapped up and sent away. No wonder they aren't married yet! Ya whacks! I really liked AshLee a majority of the show, but at the end, she just got obsessive with Sean, like pshyco obsessive IMO!
 This was a show that was all over the place. It was hard to keep up with it. I watched the whole thing, but after doing so, I'm ready for the ending and to find out who sent him a letter! I think it's Des! That's my guess, what's yours!

Sorry for posting so late! I've got a ton going on! I will inform you later! Promise!

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  1. I think Tierra's "engagement" is a crock of crap! A total lie! And Ashlee is bat-shit crazy! I agree, both need to be locked up. I've heard rumors that Des is the new Bachelorette!

  2. I think Tierra's engagement is fake too! I won't be able to see who he chooses because we'll be on the ship!! Maybe they'll show it somewhere? hahaha! My mom said I was crazy for wanting to see it on the boat ha

  3. I really doubt Sean said he had no feelings for the other girls. He clearly does!

  4. I still have not watched it bc it's on on demand yet. So annoying!!! I keep checking everyday. I'm going to have to just watch online but my mom wants to watch too.


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