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Well I am completely shocked! I so didn't this going the way is went! IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE FINALE, YOU MIGHT WANT TO SKIP THIS POST UNTIL YOU'VE DONE SO!
Y'all seriously, this finale couldn't have been more misleading! From the visits with Sean's family I just knew who he would pick!
Lindsay and Sean's Dad really had a special moment! I was blubbering in tears! It was the sweetest thing when he told her about praying for Sean's wife when Sean was born! I almost felt like he wanted to say that that girl was her! I was on the edge of my seat by then!
When Catherine met the family I felt some awkwardness. Or that is what ABC portrayed! I didn't think she connected as well with Sean's family as Lindsay had, but it may be because I am a bit biased! Who knows!
The last one on one dates that Lindsay and Catherine had with Sean were not what I would have thought. I think by then Sean knew who he was going to pick and played off that. I knew how it was going to end by then. Let's be honest, Lindsay and Sean's last date sucked! They rode down the muddy river on a tiny raft and drank champagne. Really? Could it have been more obvious after they showed Catherine's date riding elephants in the forest? I knew then who he would be choosing at the end of the show!
I'm really surprised that he chose Catherine over Lindsay. Catherine just seems unreal, unfocused, and immature. I've said that from the get go. Lindsay has it together and she and Sean wanted all the same things. I can see why it was so hard for him to let her go. I mean the guy cried sincere tears as he let her down in the easiest way possible!
She took it in and left with class. The best part was, as she walked away she took her heels off and walked on! She had no ugly scenes to make or things to say. She left beautifully and I'm proud of her! She will make a guy really happy one day!
Then, there's the letter. I thought it would be from Des confessing her love once more before Sean made a decision. But, I was wrong. That letter was the cutest and sweetest thing from Catherine!
Then Catherine came out and you could really see the attraction between these two. It's almost like it magnified once they laid eyes on each other! Catherine's reaction was priceless! Her breathing sped up and her lip started quivering. I know she was fighting back so much emotion! Then he dropped to one knee! She instantly hugged him, not once looking at the ring! She didn't care about that ring, all she cared about was being with Sean for good! I'm actually happy for them!
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  1. I read the spoilers cause I am not good with waiting. However I wanted Lindsey to win the whole time. poor girl she stayed classy though!

  2. I read the spoilers too! I just didn't see it the whole time. i sorta see it but still feel like there is more chemistry with Lindsey.


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