Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 Years, Where Did You Go?

On this day 5 years ago right before noon our lives changed forever. We were blessed with the sweetest gift from God. This was our baby boy and there was no denying it!

He is full of adventure and happy all the time!


He loves the beach and could be out there for hours!


His personality blooms everyday! He has a little bit of a nerdy side when it comes to dressing up.

He is good at being silly and making faces with the best of 'em!

He loves his Moma & Daddy very much!

 This year you will start Kindergarten. How did it get here so fast? You are growing and changing so much each and everyday. I pray that you are always patient and strong in all you do. You love to make friends with everyone. You are like your Papa and your Moma, that you never meet a stranger. You're learning how to use a gun and it will help you one day to provide for your family. Remember to always be safe. You will always test me and trick me but the truth always comes out! You always tell me within a few minutes. I love that you do this but sometimes it's not fun or funny! You and your Daddy have a beautiful bond. That's something you can never lose. I pray that as you get older you get the knowledge you need and are successful in life no matter what you do. We love you Zane!
Love, Moma & Daddy 


  1. Such a handsome little boy!! Happy, happy, happy birthday Zane!!

  2. Happy Birthday little buddy!

  3. Such a precious post! Love the pictures. Happy Birthday Zane!!

  4. Girl, you are going to make this hormonal mommy cry! :-) I love this post! Zane is very lucky to have such fun and loving parents, and he is growing up to be a pretty cool and unique guy. Happy Birthday, Zane!

  5. So sweet! Happy Birthday Zane! You are so blessed to have the awesome parents you do!

  6. Awwwe!!! Happy Birthday buddy!!! Hope he has a really awesome day!!! :)

  7. Aw! Happy Birthlday little man!

  8. Fellow NC girl right here :) Happy birthday to you son, I love his name.


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