Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ahoy Matey!

This past weekend we celebrated Zane's 5th Birthday! 

I started planning for this pirate party about 3-4 weeks in advance so that I could gather all my ideas into one pile! I also start getting little bits here and there for decorations and supplies. I try to do it that way because it keeps me from having to buy it all at once and have a 'big bill' at the end. Pinterest and my own brain were the root of ideas here. It was hard work but I enjoy making my kid smile, so it's worth it! 

I'm darn proud of this cake! Thanks to Google I found enough pictures to gather the idea in my head of how I wanted this 'Ship Cake' to turn out. I think it came out great! It was simple and anyone can do it! Here is a link of how to get the shape started. Once I got the shape, I was on my own and winged the rest.

It was an overcast day and there were thunderstorms in the forecast. I was scared it was going to rain on our parade, but it held out! I'm so thankful it did! The slip 'n' slide is always a hit! They were playing so hard that it started wrinkling and going downhill. I had to fix it several times!

Walk the plank ye matey!

 I had two projects set up for them to do but only one was a hit! We started out trying to make hats out of newspaper, but that was 'boring'! Then I whipped out the foil and solo cups to make hook hands! It was a big hit with all the kids! They also got to put on temporary tattoos and eye patches.

Since I had the party right after lunch, I didn't have a big spread of food. There were Canon balls {grapes}, Fish 'n' Chips {Plain chips with goldfish and pretzels on bottom}, Fish Bait {sour gummy worms},  Fish of the Sea {Swedish Fish in blue jello}, Dead Man fingers {BBQ Lil smokies}, and Jolly Roger Juice {fruit punch}.

Zane loved the cake! He probably told me 10 times that day that I was the coolest Mom ever! And that right there is why I do this! I can wear myself thin and then hear that. It makes me tear up and tingle inside! Zane was blessed with gifts and then it was time for the pinata. It didn't take long to break into that booger!

The kids loved Zane's tired swing! It's authentic because it's a large off road tire courtesy of the Hubs ripping it on a rock on an off road trip. Zane's happy!

As the kids were leaving they got to take home homemade pirate swords. Of all things, I didn't get a picture of the final product! They loved them and thought it was the neatest gift to take home from a party! I'm sure the parents weren't as thrilled as the kids! This has to be one of my favorite parties I've done for my boy so far! I can't wait to see what the next party holds!


  1. Annabelle!! Everything looks SOO good!!! Looks like they had a blast! Glad the rain held off!

  2. Oh my gosh, look at you go! That cake is AMAZING! Zane is right, he has the coolest mommy ever!

  3. Girl, you've definitely got talent! The cake and everything looks so awesome and fun. We live pirates so my boys would have loved a party like this! Happy Birthday to Zane!

    1. Love not live but I guess that works too. Haha!

  4. WOW! That cake is amazing! Isn't it funny when we think something's easy we say "anyone can do it" but I certainly could not make that cake! I also love the hook hands. Great idea!
    Way to go MOM!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

  5. Happy Birthday Zane! The last time I did a slip n slide I was three sheets to the wind.

  6. This is too cute! You are so freakin talented!! The cake is awesome!


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