Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Honestly, I'm being Honest and full of...No not that. Random.

Come on in! I'm still here! I just have been one big ball of lazy.

I'm not promising anything lately. I'm in and out here in blogland.{TWSS} Hell, it's summer and we all want to get out and about! It's pretty much rained everyday here for the last two weeks and any chance I get to go outside, I'm doing it! Things are still busy around here and my house probably hasn't been scrubbed or thoroughly cleaned in two months. maybe more. I don't know. I lost count. Who am I kidding, I never counted to begin with.

I've been reading and commenting on all of your blogs and I love seeing what everyone else has been doing. Reading blogs is one of my favorite things to read.  I really don't read anything else unless it's a menu, but usually I don't even read that. This chick knows what she wants. #fatgirlproblems

Every now and then I've been getting small tiny teeny tiny itchiest of itches of having baby fever. (don't get your hopes up Moma) Where I see cute whittle babies all decked out in the cutest whittle outfits! I think of holding them and squeezing their whittle cheeks! Then I get thrown up on and reminded that they don't stay little forever! Zane still fits in my lap, so I can pretend once a month or so to get that itch gone. STAT! #aintnobodygottimefodat

I eat like I don't freakin care. I do, I care about that food going down and tasting so delicious all the way down! I hate the way I look but I don't feel the way I look. Does that make sense? What I mean is I feel:

I'm pretty happy with my innards. It's the outside I need to fix. There are so many people out there that aren't like this. I am truly lucky. & Thankful. Very thankful. #morefatgirlproblems

I'm obessing over Alex + Ani stuff. Like seriously. Other than my monogrammed necklace that the Hubs got my for my birthday.

*I spared you a boob shot. You're welcome.

I'm all over the map in my mind lately, so I'm going to leave this most random post ever on a lighter note:



  1. Can't wait for things to settle back down. This summer has been the craziest. You are beautiful just the way you are! As long as you are happy that's all that matters! And of course as long as you're healthy :)

  2. I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon, too! Between summer and my classes I'm taking, I don't have time for it. Hopefully things will calm down soon. When are we all getting together?!?!

  3. hahah love that last ecard!! My favorite part? "I really don't read anything else unless it's a menu, but usually I don't even read that. This chick knows what she wants." I'm the same way ha love you!

  4. I also rarely try new things at restaurants...I know what I want, too. Why mess with success? :)

    Being happy with yourself is great. I've watched some bloggers get to the point where every blog post, tweet, and Instagram pic is about the diet, calories, etc. They obsess over it so much that I don't think they'll know what to do with themselves when they finally lose __ pounds. I stepped away from all the diet link-ups and MyFitnessPal because it was making me crazy. I was miserable. I am exercising and making more healthier eating choices, but I don't make it my whole life. I'd much rather be like you - feeling like I look great - than emotionally beating myself up every day, as I see other people do.

  5. Bring on the boobie shots!!! hahahahaha. I get like that with food once in awhile, and I think I look great but then I see a pic of myself and I'm like "whoa! where did she come from?!" We all go through good and bad phases-I bet the weather is just making you feel down since it's supposed to be sunny and nice in the summer time!

  6. I am over this rain and want to be outside every second I can too!! You are a beautiful woman and its a great thing to be comfortable in your own skin. Something I won't say I struggle w/, but will say I'm a work in progress. :-)

  7. I feel like a lot of people are having self-analysis posts lately - body image/kids/jobs/family/life in general. Must be somethin' in the air. We'll all figure it out together. Love your monogram necklace! :)

  8. Oh my gosh...I am so with you there on how I feel vs how I look! I feel fine and then I see a picture of myself and it's totally not the way I feel!


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