Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lotto Winning Daydreaming

So, yeah, I know, I've not blogged in a few days. I just needed a break. I'll catch up soon because I need to share with you about our little beach vacay and my birthday!
 Let's get our dream on with Kristie & Holly today!

If I won the lottery, there is so much I'd do! First and foremost, I'd have to buy a huge chunk of property. 300 acres if I could. I'd build a huge off road park and open it to the public. It'd be in the mountains somewhere. I'd hire a bunch of people to work there so I wouldn't have to be there all the time and could spend the rest of my mu-lah!

I'd buy a big house in Outerbanks, NC with a pool. Yes, with a pool! I love the beach and I play in the ocean, but there is nothing like having a pool to swim in. I'd also have a big house in the mountains so that I could have the best of both worlds. Matter of fact, I'd have two mountain homes. One in the Smoky Mountains and near the Colorado Rockies. We love both places so we'd have both if we were filthy rich! This works out great because if I don't want to be hot in the summer, I can roll out to the mountains and leave the hubby behind! haha! {not that I would do such! ha}

I take all my girlfriends on a trip to Hawaii! We would stay for two weeks, that's right ladies, two freakin weeks! We'd tan all day long with a fruity umbrella drink in each hand! We'd spa it up afterwards and the party all night long! MRL, Pamela, Tamara, Bethany, Dana, and even my Mom, ya'll pack your bags because it's on like donkey kong!

I also save some the money for Zane's college education. We all know that shiz is outrageous! Gotta save up for it! I'd also donate to Susan G. Komen in honor of my MIL. I'd give some to the Ronald McDonald House because they've done so much for so many people I know. I'd also donate to the local animal shelter and a few other local places.

I'd try to find a company to invest in to make some money back that I spent out of my winnings. Who knows what that'd be. All I care about is spending time with my family and going to Hawaii with my girls!

What would you do with all that cheese?



  1. Oh come on then! WIN THAT LOTTERY! :D

  2. I think I would want a Buckhead mansion w/ a beautiful garden and a pool. And a maid to clean it!!

  3. Ughhh. We just got back from the beach and I was SOOOO SAD to have to leave. :( I seriously would love to retire there someday. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beach!

  4. First of all, I hope you had a fabulous birthday and vacation friend!! Can’t wait to see the recap! Isn’t it so fun to dream about winning the lottery? We do it all the time!!! Love your post and what you’d do with the money! We love the mountains too! Nate has only every been to the Rockies…I have to get him to the Smokeys ASAP! I love the TN Rocky Mountains!!! Can you pack me in your suitcase to Hawaii??

  5. I totally agree about the pool! The beach is fun but so are pools! And if you're daydreaming, you should get to have both! Here from the link up!

  6. Hawaii would be on the top of my list too. :)


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