Monday, March 03, 2014

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was pretty awesome. We drove up to NC to visit my favorite cousin Amy! :)
She's the one that let us stay at her house during Christmas two years ago in Kansas! Like I said, she's awesome. So we left after we got Zane from school Friday and got there that night. We stayed up talking and hanging out. The boys fell asleep in the recliner.

The next morning the hubs had to go find some parts for a car and we stayed in our pj's until about 10am or so. I was just relaxed because we didn't have a set in stone plan. We just went with the flow. We got showers and hopped in the truck and rode to town. Checked out a few cute stores and had lunch. We then started towards the OBX but changed our minds because we were tired of driving so much. Ha! We rode around singing and laughing. Lots of fun! It was a great weekend and we didn't want to leave. We enjoyed our stay and will be back soon! We love our Amy!
On our way home we stopped at South of the Border. I've always heard about it and seen the signs but I've never been. It was neat. Statues every where of Pedro and all kinds of animals. Even a Jackalope! It's a little touristy town with novelties and such. I've heard the restaurant Sombrero's is good but we didn't eat there. We plan to go back and explore more when we have more time!

 What did you do this weekend?
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I've got one more awesome thing to share with you before you go! I received an 8x10 canvas print from EASY CANVAS PRINTS! I picked a beach picture from this past summer. I think it turned out so great! I cannot wait to hang it on my gallery wall! Go ahead and get over to and check out all their awesome products! The prices are great too! 
I'm also including a link to up to 50% off promo code offers that you gals can bag up an awesome deal too! Stop what you are doing now and check it out!


  1. What a fun weekend! I have never stopped at South of the Border either although I've passed it many times on 95. It does look like a fun place to visit though. I sent you an e-mail request since I just made my blog private. It will likely just be a temporary thing, but I didn't want to lose touch with you. I am just going through a lot lately, and it has been really hard for me to keep the blog positive in light of everything. I'll probably write an update soon when I can figure out how I want to do so. I still want to keep writing about our life journey though. I know you understand a lot of what I am going through as you have been going through your own battles. Hugs, friend!

  2. Of course you would find a Mexican restaurant to go to ;) twinnn.

  3. What a great weekend! Thanks for the easy canvas link!

  4. That sleeping picture is adorable! And you are looking great!

  5. So glad you had such a nice weekend! What part of NC does your cousin live? My oh know I'm just one state north :)


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