Monday, April 21, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Dang! Ive left y'all hanging for WAY too long! I've been busy being sick and all that gravy stuff. So I left y'all with how much I hated getting that bone marrow test done, and I still hate it! lol All of my other tests went great. I do not have any cancer in my bones or in the marrow so that was great news! I also had surgery to have a port installed under the skin on my right side where they will have access to get blood or run all my chemo through instead of straight through my veins. 

This is what my port looks like.

My cancer is a stage 4. That pretty much means that I have it in more than one place. I have it from my neck down to right above my hips pretty much.  I get pains in my abdominal area and my right side the most. The pain was excruciating at one point, but I think that we have got that under control now. Thankfully!

On April 8 I had my first chemo treatment. (also this day was my 8th wedding anniversary) My grandmother went with me. She was a trooper! We were there for about 5 hours. I felt good while I was there and even afterwards. Once I got to my grandmother's house I was really tired. I took a good long nap until my mom came to take me to my house to rest more. 

The best nurses ever putting a needle in to start chemo in my port for the first time!

For the next few days I was feeling tired and weak. I didn't want to do much at all. That Friday I got really sick and didn't hardly move from the bed. The weekend came and I felt a little better. Saturday night I got a fever and had to call the nurse. I was put on an antibiotic and had to visit the office the next day. They gave me some meds and we all hoped I would be better. I was better but not completely. 

Wednesday night I got really sick. A fever of 104.2 is never good especially in a cancer patient. I also had some stomach pain that I barely could stand to have my pants touch much less anything else. I was to be seen the next day at the oncologists office. They took blood cultures to make sure I had no infections. They gave me several meds through my port and the doctor was trying to figure out what was going on. He wanted to make sure that I felt better before the weekend. I'm glad he said that because heck I did too! No one likes to be in pain. Between all the meds he gave me I started to feel a little better by the time I got home. I was to come back the next day to make sure what he gave me was working and to get the results of the blood cultures. I have no infections! YAY! I was also feeling better than I had felt in about a week! So what he did was working and we were all happy! 

I've gone the weekend feeling the best I've felt in a few days! I know it won't last but I'm enjoying it while I can! I have to keep a close eye on my fever when it goes up so we don't get more issues. Tomorrow I get my second treatment. I'm ready. Let's do this! 


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