Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Well Easter Weekend was eventful to say the least!
The weather turned out bright and dry!
Warning: This will be a long blog with lots of pictures. =]

'Project Handmade' [that's just off the top of my head lol] One of my best friends asked me a while back to teach her how to sew with a sewing machine. I couldn't resist! I love teaching people how to do stuff even if I'm not so great at it, including working with a sewing machine. Well the first try was an epic failure! After much googling online on how to fix bobbin, we got it rolling! So off we went to buy some extra fabric and other materials we would need!
We came back to my house and worked on my dining room table!
It was nice to have several hours of girl time and create some fun clothes along with it!


We finished the evening off at the local Tractor/Truck Pull. It's actually an event that started earlier in the afternoon, but the part we enjoy doesn't start until 5 or later. Zane got to participate in the Kid's Foot Race! It was so cute to see the look of confusion on his face once the kids all took off! He just did a half-hearted jog or skip to the finish line! He had a blast doing that and we were very proud of him for getting out there and trying! The Truck Pull event {other than Jeeping} is my husband's sport! Most men like football and NASCAR, mine likes fast cars/trucks, mudding, and rock crawling. With this sport he gets to run not one, but two of his trucks. He pulled the first two times with the smaller truck and then goes home [because its less than 5 minutes from our house] gets the other truck and pulls it as well! He won first place with the first truck in that weight class!  


Saturday was a great day for our simple pleasures in life!

Well with Saturday's events behind us and a good night's rest, 
Zane woke us up to play monster trucks in bed.
He had forgot that the Easter Bunny was supposed to leave him something in his basket!
He got his basket and dumped it all out in the the living room floor and found the chocolate bunny that he wanted. He took it to his room [while Steve and I are getting things ready for the day] unwrapped it completely and came into the kitchen where I was making banana pudding and chocolate nests. He held it up to me and said "See, I told ya! I'm eating this for breakfast Moma and I will bite his ears off!"  After he devoured the poor bunny, he and Daddy colored eggs. Then we were off to my parents house for lunch!

"Hi-ho Hi-ho off to Nanny's house we go!" as Zane would sing.
At my parents house we celebrated with family. We enjoyed a great meal and fellowship. It was followed by an egg hunt and excitement of the 'prize egg', goodies from my aunt, & a family picture!


I sure hope that you and your family enjoyed Easter as well!

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