Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm adding some excerpts from my daily life to have a journal of sort. I hope you enjoy!

The past few weeks we have been "Potty Training" hardcore! Zane has done so great at home and at daycare! Dry 'pull-ups' all day has now turned into "you're now wearing 'Big Boy Underwear' and can't pee in your pants". So constantly the hubs and I are asking "do you need to go pee in the potty?" The reply is mostly 'no', but we make him at least try. [and usually he goes] Now this issue we're having is #2 on the potty! He refuses to 'poop' in the potty. If you mention it he squeals! I have no clue why, but he does. We keep encouraging and rewarding in hopes that this hump/milestone will soon be complete! My personal goal is to have him fully P.T. by the time he turns 3 at the end of May!

I hope that you all have a beautiful and blessed week!

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