Monday, April 11, 2011

PhotobucketWeekends Over

Well the weekend went by fast and Monday followed quickly! We cooked out at the house Saturday night and enjoyed the company of some pretty cool friends! I stayed up until 2am on the front porch just 'shootin' the breeze' with them. I forgot to tell you that last weekend while I was gone to TN, that my hubby hung our old porch swing in the tree! I was ever so happy to see it when I got home! I sit in that thing every chance I get! Yesterday was the day of rest, but the only thing I got rest from was the piled up laundry! While the hubs was working, Zane and I spent time with my parents. We went to Clayton/Dillard, GA area. We ate lunch at the Shiner's Restaurant & walked the Flea Market in Clayton. Then we drove over to Dillard and looked in their shops for antiques. Yes, Zane was a handful but was great looking at "you break, you buy" items and didn't hurt a thing! So proud! He is also almost.......potty trained! I hesistate because I don't want to jinks it! I really hope he sticks with it so he can finally be the "Big Boy" everyone thinks he is! [[Fingers Crossed!]]

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