Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yeah...I know!

Yeah I know I know! I am a total loser for not posting anything I have promised! I have just been so slack lately! Mother's Day was great! The Hubs and Zane took me on a picnic to Stumphouse Tunnel and we also got to get boiled peanuts! Yum! I took lots of cute pictures, but of course I have not loaded them yet. (again, I'm a total slack butt) So, I am going to post some pictures that I do have loaded and post a W.I.L.W! I hope y'all have a fabulous day!

The Hubs & Zane playing with the train table. {It took Steve over an hour to get it all set up just for Zane to knock it down in like two seconds! Steve wasn't real happy, but that's what a 2 1/2 year old does!}

Painting with Mommy! I finally gave in and decided to let the reins loose and give Zane some paint and do it with little supervision!
He did really well until at the end he wanted to do it with his fingers and not the brush!

So I improvised and I painted both of his little hands and we created a hand print picture which he loved!

For some crazy reason this night Zane was all about this dinosaur he name Spike. He was even feeding him and taking him to use the bathroom! He is just too funny sometimes!


I love how I lose things and think [hope] I will find them.{I ususally never find them}
I love my family and and what they do for me!
I love myself even if I don't love what I look like.
I love my one true best friend! {She knows it too!}
I love my life and those that are in it. If you aren't, I wished you were!
I love hot summer days and cool summer nights!
I love my flip flops and capris.
I love my hair long and hope I don't cut it off when the heat gets here!
I love anything with a crescent moon and palmetto tree!
I love anything southern!
I love a good laugh and a good cry! {everyone needs to do this!}
I love reading blogs and getting many ideas! {I have so many at this point, I will never finish!}

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