Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Recap

So shoot me. I. lied. Maybe just a little! But hey it's warm out and who doesn't like to visit out of town family?! What? You don't?! We love my hubby's step-brother's kids and visiting them in Tennessee!
Just so you know, the hubs and I spent most of our evening home yesterday doing laundry and packing. By golly all the laundry is done and all but one or two items of Zane's clothes are packed. So I did do mostly what I said I was going to do! ;) Here are a few pictures of our happenings while out n about!

Steve's step-brother Benji lives in Rogersville, TN. It is a small valley the locals call "Poor Valley". It is surrounded by the mountains and beautiful blue skies. Benji has two older step-kids, Aaron & Hunter and one of his own, Keagan. These boys are so fun to be around. They are country boys and aren't all about the materialistic things in life. Aaron & Hunter are teenagers. Aaron is about to graduate from high school and Hunter is about to get his driver's permit. Now, Keagan, he is a feisty little fella like Zane. They are 3 months apart, but totally different mentally and size wise. Zane is much bigger in size and is potty trained. Keagan is half the size of Zane and can play a mean game of skateboarding on the xbox. Zane cannot figure out the xbox, he just goes in circles. He pretends he is doing it right. We hadn't seen them in almost a year and things do change when it comes to little kids. It's funny how each of them have come so far but in different ways.
From Left to Right: Hunter, dog, Benji, Aaron, Steve
Bottom: Keagan

Keagan loves to pose and get his picture taken!
I def. took advantage of this opportunity!

Keagan, Aaron, & Zane playing 'King of the Castle'

On the way home the Hubs wanted to stop in Cherokee, NC to let Zane play in the river. We both have passed this area many times as kids and as adults, but never stopped to play or get in the water. So yesterday was the day, the first time stopping at this spot and taking lots of pictures.
{123 to be exact- but hey you can never have too many pictures.}

 28 hours until we will be headed down the road on our way to the beach for a much needed week long vacation!
 Gosh. It can't get here fast enough!

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