Friday, June 24, 2011


Holey Moley! We made it to Friday! I am looking forward to a nice weekend! I have to get the mounds of laundry done and the house cleaned. Because when tuesday rolls around we can't bust up out of this podunk town I call home to visit the sand and sun that has been calling my name for quite some time.

Our weekend this weekend will be nothing to post about unless ya'll care to see a hotmess of a home I call mine. But I will save you the nightmares! :)

I don't watch alot of television but I do record some shows that I have taken intrest to. One, being a BIG current favorite is Vampire Diaries! And now Teen Wolf!
I also wanted to see if any of you are Reality Nerds. I am not ashamed, I LOVE Reality Shows! My all time favs are MTV's Real World, Big Brother {any season}, and Teen Mom. I'm sorry I will always love me some MTV. Though I try not to watch it with Z around to pick up all that nastyness that they show. 'Cause we all know that it can get a bit raunchy and R rated with the language.
Do you watch Reality Television shows? If so let me know your favs! :)

Hope Ya'll have a Fabulous weekend!

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