Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long Overdue... Part 1

This is a picture posting that is long overdue of our beach vacation.
I warn you now, it will be mostly pictures and small stories. It will be full of sand, wheels, and love! Enjoy!

We arrived in Surfside Beach to spend a week with family for the Fourth of July. The weather the whole week could not have been any more perfect! It never rained once the whole time we were there.
Some days it would be humid but none the less we pulled through & enjoyed every drop of sweat!
Here is Zane sharing his watermelon with Nana. This boy loves his fruits and veggies!
We played with Hot Wheels and Army men when we were inside cooling off from the hot day. A few games of UNO, Connect4 travel edition, and checking FaceBook periodically is usually what we did when we came inside.
Meet Hunter. 
Hunter is the neighborhood rabbit. He is a domestic rabbit that was once some one's pet. They decided one day they no longer wanted this beautiful creature, so they released him into the wild. Being strong and determined, this rabbit has become like an outside cat that once resided inside. Hunter doesn't like to be touched but loves to be fed. His favorite spot on 2nd Ave. is a small indention in the sand dirt at our beach house! We couldn't be more happier to have him deemed "King of the Yard" by Zane.
Other than the beach our back yard domain is where everyone went to relax. We also ate most of our dinners here in the evenings when the sun was setting and the heat was more bearable.
Steve observing a game of Cornhole. Nana is in the back ground and well I'm not sure what that face was about, but I am sure that it had to do with Zane.
Brad & Mom playing a game of cornhole. Fighting Zane for all the bags was part of the deal when playing. He always wanted to be playing in the middle of a game. "It's my turn y'all!"
Zane's 'beach shoes' or that's what they are called by him and his Nana. My poor boys feet looked like "grocery store" feet all week because of the black sand dirt
Zane's Bike Ride
He had a blast riding his bike on the driveway. We did this for a long time each afternoon/evening. He endured his first bike accident and HAD to have a 'boo boo bandaid!' 

Golf cart rides to the beach we interesting to say the least. Not once were all of us ready at the same time. Mark would loose his phone, headphones, cigs, etc. and other times I was chasing Zane or getting more sunscreen. "Let's go already!" "Get with it Moma!" 

Finally on the beach!  
Zane is trying to bury Daddy's feet in the sand. 
Pop-Pop aka my Grandpa 

To be continued in Part 2...


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