Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long Overdue...Part 2

Say hello to the "Tow Mater Teeth" bless it! If you are just now joining us,
this is a post continued from Part 1. This is a re-cap of our week at Surfside Beach, SC.
Most of y'all know my husband is a hoot! He is always entertaining in some way!
We cooked a majority of the time we were at the beach. Not only to beat the crowds, but it was more convenient. Our menu consisted of spaghetti, steak & shrimp kabobs with veggies, bacon cheese burgers, and much more delish entrees.
The Master Chef & Grill Master himself.

Kiss the Cook!

I am thankful to have these two amazing women in my life.
They have done and will do so much for me.
My bestest friend & Mother and my Nana. I. Love. You. 
Holla! We out like shout! We cruised around Surfside by golf cart.

This wall mural was in the works when I was here with my brother in 2008. It is now complete and my pictures do not do it justice because I couldn't get a wide enough angle. (dumb cars)

Riding all the Avenues!

This little grumpy face came out a good bit on our trip.

Relaxing on the back porch.
Mark & Zane played in the outdoor shower that Pop-Pop created.

Miniature Golf. PUTT-PUTT!

See EXHIBIT A below. YES! This is my HOLE-IN-ONE! YES! This is a pink ball! YES! I wanted to keep it but that STUPID last hole, yeah you know the one at the end that it goes down the little stream and comes back out to another hole-in-one. Culprit #18....Yeah he ate it.....
{insert sad face}

Down below is our 'green monster'. Every time someone would try to putt, there was a monster named Zane on the putting green and would refuse to get out of the way.
The shower area Pop-Pop made.

Surfside Pier Fireworks

I want to apologize for the horrible quality pictures you are about to see.
I have yet to figure out all the settings on this new camera of mine.
It was the first time I have done dusk/night photography with a good camera.

I'm not going to narrate much here. It's fireworks y'all. We had a blast and I didn't realize how cool it gets in the evenings on the beach with a breeze. The show was beautiful. The amount of fireworks pictures I have is crazy! But sitting there seeing it was amazing.



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  1. Loving all the pictures. Jealous of the shells too... I have never actually found any before!



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