Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Cool Cat!

This cool cat has been around for 12 human years! My cousin gave her to me when she was moving to Texas to live with her then fiance, now hubby of 11 years. She lived inside for half her life then decided she wanted to live outside and catch mice. I guess it was like her retirement. She now sunbathes on the back porch railing and eats mushy food because she has lost almost all of her teeth.

Her name is Sexy. {I didn't name her but it fits the way she walks}
Since she doesn't have many teeth left, she drools a lot.
Notice in the picture above she has a bubble coming out of her mouth. She's a great lazy cat and I hope she sticks around for a few more years at least. She's one cool cat for sure!

Now there is another cool cat around these parts this day in age.
He's my pride and joy. See Cool Cat Below. {aka Zane}

Isn't he just adorable?!? I love him soo much!

Do you know any Cool Cats? Please share!

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