Thursday, October 13, 2011

"It's OK" Thursday #3

Alright ladies, here's the third installment of the "It's Ok Thursdays" link-up party!
If you also want to join all you have to do is type up a post like I have below, grab the linky button (to the right of this blog) for your post, and link up!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that I want to sleep all day long. Right?!? try and spend your money before you get it. No? Heck my bills take most of it anyway! want a vacation with my boys. (All to myself, no one else) Selfish much? jk think about eating right and excersizing, but not ever start. one day.

...that I make excuses for a lot of things. Including cleaning my house.

...that I hate folding laundry. I will wash and dry it all day long, but no folding here. I will hang it before I even think of folding it. spoil my child. He's gets what he wants most of the time. I have to admit, I do too. want time to yourself, but feel like I never get it. I'll even take 1 hour if I could get it. be making christmas lists, so that I can get my shopping done early. want to decorate for Christmas already! be all about yourself sometimes, as long as it doesn't take over.

...that I didn't want to be in a class for 8 hours yesterday. will take forever to get over it! lol jk

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