Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Obsession Confession

My #1 obsession is online shopping.
I am such a sucker for just thinking about something I like and 'google'-ing it and trying to 'sniff' out the best price for it! Then I find a deal I cannot pass up and buy it. The hubs doesn't like it very well. {love ya hun!}

Today I was browsing online, of course, and came across this:

Obsession #2: Vera Bradley
I own many VB purses, travel bags, and wallets. Now, a must have..... Drum Roll Please!

This Stadium Blanket!


It doesn't have to just be for the football games, you can use it on picnics, around the house, (like I need more blankets in the house), or even in the car!


While I wipe the drool from my face,
take a gander at these beauties!

Book Keepers

<<<<<<<<<< I'm also lovin these boxes for my desk at work!

Good Book Cover
This book carrier is great! I would love to have one for my Bible! {in this print too!} ;)

Obsession #3: Pinterest
Doesn't almost everyone obsess over Pintrest? I know so many who have jumped on the band wagon and are now PINnerds! Including me! Any chance that I have nothing to do....this is now what I do! Pin....Pin.....Pin.....Pin......and Pin some more!

What's your top 3 latest obsessions?


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