Friday, October 07, 2011

Where I'm From

TGIF Y'all! We can now celebrate the weekend! Woot Woot! October weekends are so busy for me! Fairs and Festivals like crazy! I cannot pass up a good fair or festival! My whole family enjoys it! I will definitely post about them as soon as I can! ;) Have a great weekend Ladies!

This post of "Where I'm From" is about my local restaurants!

Okay, I will start from the top and work my way to the right!

Sardi's Den located in Clemson, SC is OH!MY!GOODNESS! good! They are popular for their Tuesday Nights all-you -can-eat Crab Legs! They also have burgers and other stuff! I've never had anything bad here! Oh and the ribs are fall-off-the-bone, finger lickin' good!

Paesano's Italian Restaurant located in Seneca, SC is exactly what it's called. This Italian restaurant is the best all around Italian food! I also love their chocolate cake so much that when I delivered my son, I got rewarded with it that same day! ;)

Walhalla Steak House located in Walhalla, SC is a steak house cafeteria. They are famous for their "Arabian Chicken" also known as fried chicken breast! Oh I will eat it for days! They also have a Snickers Pie, that is sinful!

Lucky Strike is located in Westminster, SC and is a family restaurant. You can order just about anything here! From burgers to lasagna, to chicken livers (eww), to chicken fried steak, and even fried shrimp!

Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe located Downtown Seneca, SC. They serve yummy soups and sandwiches! My favorite is the Gyros they have! Also the greek fries with cheese n bacon dipped in ranch!

I know you have favorite restaurants where you're from! Share them with us!

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