Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's OK Thursday #10

It is now time for "It's Ok" Thursday! Wow I've did it 10 times! Yay! Go Me! Now, YOU THERE, Go link up at Brunch with Amber!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

to want to skip out on work early today and yesterday!

to have anxiety about the Sister-in-Law and family staying with us for over a week.

that I want to just lock myself in my bedroom and wrap presents ALL night! Hey, it was fun!

that I want to get drunk Christmas Eve night so I don't have to deal with childish family members that have disowned me for stupid reasons. Yeah, I am contemplating a post about this! Juicy, I know! ;)

that I feel like I haven't got enough for the Hubs, but I always feel that way.

that every year until this year I BEG my hubby to let me have a present early.
Why haven't I this year? Heck, I haven't had time to think about it until now! I've been worried about what I am getting him!

that I am not expecting any gifts, except my hubbys because he always gets me something spectacular!

that I miss my Mommy.
She is working night shifts now, and I just can't Pop up and visit...I mean, I can, but it's not the same. Love ya Daddy! ;)

If you want to join in on "It's OK" Thursdays, all you have to do is type up a post like I have here, grab the linky button (to the right of my blog) for your post, and link up!


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  1. This is a great list! I can definitely relate to some of them. :) Merry Christmas to you & your sweet family!


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