Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Break

I am going to take a long, well not too long, maybe 7 days or so to spend time with my family. The SIL and her hubby and my sweet nephew came in yesterday. They are staying with us for a while. It's def. hard to get used to having an infant around the house again. Lots of crying, changing diapers, bottle feedings, and more I guess by the time they leave I will be used to it. Isn't that how it always works?
Here is a picture I took of Brayden at Thanksgiving. He is now a good bit bigger than this since he is a little over a month old now! He is so dang cute!

This morning I got Zane ready to see Santa. He will be at the daycare today! Zane was so excited! He asked me to spike his hair into a Mohawk and put his overalls on. Too cute! So since he was making requests, I asked him to pose in front of the tree this morning.


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  1. Zane is so stinking cute! And I'm sure Santa will be stoked to see him as well! :)


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