Friday, December 16, 2011

What is your favorite?

You know you have lots of favorite memories but there are always ones that stand out more than others. Mine are mostly of Christmas when I was a kid. I have memories of snow, family being close together more than ever, and awesome toys from Santa!

I grew up deep in the country, where the town only has a few red lights and everyone knows your business! My family was not and is not wealthy. My parents were mill/plant workers barely getting by. We lived in a 2 bedroom less than 1000 sq. ft. single wide until 1992. (that's another post in it's self.) Yes, my brother and I shared a small room. Well Christmas of 1991, my brother and I both wanted the good ol' Super Nintendo! It was the next big thing because we already had a Atari and beat all the games we had.

Every Christmas my Uncle Mark would come stay the night with us! My brother and I thought he was the coolest! He was a computer technician and would always get us the most unique gifts! And he always wanted to play games with us. So we always anticipated him coming to stay with us! On the night of Christmas Eve '91, we did what we normally do. We went to my Papa Dan's house to eat and exchange gifts. We never got home until late, like 9 or 10 ish. So once we got home our Uncle Mark was there and mom makes us go straight to bed. Dang. So my brother and I had this bright idea to set an alarm on a digital wrist watch for 1am. Once it went off we would wake up and sneak to see what Santa brought us before anyone else knew. I was game! So that is exactly what we did. We quickly fell asleep and it felt like that alarm went off in ten minutes. So we sneak the door open quietly and as soon as we got it open all the way we saw all the lights on in the living room. Then we heard Moma yell "I'm gonna beat you Mark! hahaha!" My brother and I then realized that Moma and Mark had hooked up the Super Nintendo and were playing it! We looked at each other with huge eyes, bugging out like in cartoons and everything! Yep, we're cool like that! With excitement we ran back to our room and jumped in bed. I think Moma and Mark realized we saw them because they made Daddy hang a blanket with tacks over the opening in the hallway so we couldn't peep in anymore. I think this night was when my brother finally realized that Santa wasn't real. Poor Guy. He never said anything about it that night but from then on out he seemed not to care about the Santa part as much. Even though every night even as teenagers we would always say "It's time to go to bed so Santa can come!" The next morning, I mean, later that morning after going back to sleep. We got up and ran as fast a we could to the living room and played our new Super Nintendo! We had a great year that year!

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Haha! I had to share this! I thought it was funny!
What's one of your favorite Christmas Memories?


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