Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Please Christmas Don't Be Late!

I really love this time of year! Especially now that Zane is getting older, he is more into the whole shebang! He is learning all kinds of Christmas songs and every morning and every afternoon in the car we jam out to our favorite local radio station and sing to the tops of our lungs! I live for moments like these!

Zane loves to sing The Chipmunks Christmas song the most. He will bust out the lyrics in the most random places. Yesterday before leaving daycare he was in the restroom on the "pot" singing as loud a he could! He didn't think anyone was listening but all his teachers and his Moma was listening! I love that booger!

 Zane has been begging me to come stay a day with him at daycare. So I volunteered to go stay this Friday. It shall be interesting because all the little kids and the school kids will be there and it's the daycare Christmas party! Whew I hope I can handle all that! Wish me luck!
without further due....



  1. Did you guys watch Chipmunks Christmas on tv last night? My daughter loved it!

  2. Aw no! I did't even think about it!

  3. Your boy is so cute :) Good luck with all the kids :) I GOT MY STOCKING! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! SO SO SO SWEET! IT'S SO CUTE!

  4. Thanks Ryan! Glad you like your stocking!


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