Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fabulous Valentine Challenge - Day 4

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The Hubs and I got married in April 8, 2006. It was outside at Magnolia Manor Bed & Breakfast. It was truly a perfect day!
 I apologize in advance for the poor quality in the few pictures that I have scanned. I do not have any digital copies. One day I will get them all scanned, but not with this particular scanner because it did not do a good job.

This was my side of the Bridal Party. (L-R: The Hubs Sister, Childhood Best Friend, Me, BFF, and three of the cutest little girls ever)

My poor man can't hide his cowlicks. Even on the wedding day! lol

This is my most favorite picture of our wedding day.

The bestest friend ever! I wish she blogged! Hint Hint! ;)

Valentine’s Day Challenge


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