Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Fabulous Valentine Challenge - Day 7

Love Blogging
(why did you start, what posts are your favorite, why do you blog, anything)

Why do I love to blog?
I love that I can share so much of anything. I can share photos of my family, I can share things I create or want to create, or life's happenings! This is my personal journal for any and all things ME. I have gained lots of friends through my blog. I love to have someone new to talk to and share things with. I started blogging because I was looking for an outlet. Something other than the social network of Facebook. I do not share my blog on my Facebook. I believe that FB is the root of most evil these days, if used incorrectly. But that is another story that everyone or most everyone has strong opinions about. One day I will make a post about it. But back to Blog Love.

I try to keep my blog real. I do not want you to think I have a perfect life, because its not all daisies and dandelions here. Sometimes there are thorns that poke out every now and then. That's life.

I am approaching my first Blog Birthday! I cannot believe I have stuck with it, unlike most things I start, I don't normally continue after a few months. I am proud of myself for that. I do not try hard to get lots of readers or sponsor on blogs to get more blog publicity. I think that if you like what you read, you will stick around and if you don't like what you read then you will move on and forget about me and this old blog. I'm okay with that. I have done giveaways and link-ups, but only for my entertainment and you reap the benefits!

I want you to let me know if there is something you would like to see me blog more about. For example, would you like to see more of my life, more of my kid, more of my crafting and sewing, or something totally different. Please feel free to give all the feed back you want. Good or bad.

Thank you Casey, Amber and Neely for hosting such cool link-ups! Join these girls in this fun link-up!

Valentine’s Day Challenge


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