Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big Mistake Number Two

Okay so this is part two of a vent session. You might need to read Big Mistake Numero Uno to catch up!


She was not only pissed at this point she was IRATE! I'm sorry that offended you, nameless family member, but I was expressing how I felt! I was trying to try to make things better, but I have seemed to make things worse. A LOT worse! After some ugly texts back and forth she then tells me that if that is how I feel then she didn't need me around. She also said that she would see me at Christmas, which is when our all of family gathers together to celebrate every year for the past 30 years.

I begged and pleaded that this is not how we should be. I was in tears and I am sure that she was too since this was all going down on her birthday! For the record, this was only a coincidence that it happened on this day. She had told her husband what had happened and he texted to ask me what my deal was. I told him everything. He agreed with me but then was mad because we were fighting. I was mad too! It should not come down to two family members being upset that one doesn't want to go to a bar to drink.
Don't get me wrong, I like to have adult beverages every now and again just like any one else. But who says I have to go to a bar to get it? Everyone has their own opinion of a bar but lets leave that out of the equation at hand.

I did not go to her birthday dinner nor out to the bar.

Christmas came, no nameless family member. Although I did send her a Christmas card!
New Year came, no nameless family member. 
Easter came, no nameless family member.

Needless to say, today it has been 9 months. I have not talked to her. I did run into her at a store just a few weeks ago. She had the look of  'a deer in head lights' when she saw me. I smiled, and she quickly scurried away. This has been very heavy on my heart since that day in August. I have no clue how to handle this situation anymore. I've put it on the back burner for so long.

I haven't had much drama in my life since I left my "drama city call center" workplace a few years ago. She was the only thing drama related in my life. That's where the happiness feeling comes from. Since we don't talk anymore I don't hear all the crazy drama gossip anymore and I couldn't be more happier about that.
What am I to do at this point? Leave it alone and carry on? Or step up and try talking to her? Neither of us did nothing wrong. Well except the fact that she pretty much walked herself right out of my life. Not only my life, but my son's life too. He considers her to be an Aunt. He was used to seeing her a good bit. Now, she's gone? I haven't ever said anything about her to him, but he does ask about her or mentions her from time to time.

How can someone just cut themselves off like that? I may not ever understand.

And that concludes this episode of 'As the world turns'....haha!

Now go fetch me a drink! After writing this I need one STAT!



  1. I feel like in a lot of ways I could write this story myself. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this though. I know it has to be incredibly frustrating. Personally, at this point I'd probably try to reach out to her and see what happens. I spend a lot of my time being hard headed and saying well she knows my number, she can call me. For some reason, they never do. I really hate this for you though. I want to say it's extremely rude you've done all those nice things and have gotten nothing in return. That part would make me so angry. Again, I hate this for you!!!

  2. Such a hard choice to make, especially since you weren't the one in the wrong. But I agree with Valerie..

  3. These types of situations are always rough. It's not a situation I have been in with a family member, but I have experienced some backlash about my change of lifestyle from many of my "friends." I think it might be like this: when we change ourselves for the better, it makes the people who still do those things wonder WHY we stopped. It causes them to look inward, to evaluate their lives... and maybe they aren't happy with what they found. :/


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